The eyeQ program uses dozens of scientifically proven exercises to train your eyes and your brain to read and process information faster. See yours...

Teaching your child to read early and to read better has multiple benefits and is the **key to unlocking your child's academic potential**.  We all want bright, smart children. We want them to be successful and attend the best colleges. This is why we spend so much time choosing the right schools and making sure our children are exceeding expectations when they are young. Improving your child's reading skills is one of the most important gifts a parent can give. It's true what they say good readers are good learners. eyeQ's Brain and Reading Enhancement Program will give your child the tools necessary to not only succeed in school, but in life. We are so confident that you will see a change in your child's learning and reading abilities that we back it up with a **90 Day Performance Promi

Eyeq alternatives

  • Lumosity

  • Lumosity.com grounds all of its brain exercises in extensive research; Scientific Advisory Board includes researchers from such institutions as UCS...

    tags: adhd brain-games brain-training concentration educational-game
    platform: Online Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Apple Watch
  • Squirt

  • Speed read the web, one word at a time.

    tags: bookmarklet fast-learning keyboard-shortcuts-support productivity-tool read-faster
    platform: Online Google Chrome Safari Firefox
  • Reasy

  • Reasy is a Firefox and Google Chrome extension that enables to read using Rapid Sequential Visual Presentation (RSVP)

    tags: speed-reading rsvp
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Google Chrome Firefox
  • Spreed

  • Spreed makes speed reading online text content easy. Use Spreed and train yourself to double your reading speed.

    tags: clipboard-monitoring educational fast-learning productivity-tool reading
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Google Chrome
  • Spreeder

  • Spreeder.com is free online speed reading software designed to improve your reading speed and comprehension.

    tags: speed-reading rsvp
    platform: Online
  • iReadFast

  • iReadfast is a text reading program which lets you read and comprehend text much faster by displaying just one word per time.Its based on the RSVP ...

    tags: speed-reading rsvp fast-learning tachistoscope
    platform: Mac OS X iPhone iPad
  • Dictator

  • Dictator is a program for on-screen reading of text files, developed with the intention of making it easier to read some of the fine electronic tex...

    tags: Discontinued reading speed-reading rsvp reading-time
    platform: Windows Linux Discontinued
  • Evolution Brain Training

  • A strong and healthy brain can make you smarter and happier. --- Train your brain's most vital functions with effective, fun and intense games. ---...

    tags: educational health-and-fitness
    platform: Android iPhone iPad
  • Reedy

  • Reedy - speedreading applicationRead all you want faster with Reedy for Google Chrome or Android

    tags: productivity-tool speed-reading rsvp reading-time fast-learning
    platform: Android chrome extensions
  • Fastr

  • MAIN FEATURES- Effective speed reading for ebooks - Supports reading progress saving and all features of a reader - 3 reading modes including RSVP ...

    tags: educational books productivity-tool reading speed-reading
    platform: iPhone iPad
  • AceReader

  • AceReader is speed reading software, reading improvement software, reading assessment software, online reader software, reading fluency software, a...

    tags: speed-reading
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • Spritz

  • The time consuming part of reading lies mainly in the actual eye movements from word to word and sentence to sentence. In addition, traditional rea...

    tags: productivity-tool reading speed-reading
    platform: Online
  • BrainScale.net

  • Dual N-Back, CWM, Mental Math and other exercises online with top results rating and progress statistics.

    tags: brain-training brain-teaser brain-games brain-exercise brain-exercising
    platform: Online
  • Speed Reader

  • Speed Reader uses a method called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation to allow you to read faster by eliminating the time spent in moving your eyes be...

    tags: productivity-tool reading speed-reading rsvp reading-time
    platform: Android
  • Poly Path

  • Poly Path is a game of focus and attention. Change the paths to lead your little guys to the correct place!

    tags: games casual path challenging train
    platform: Android