Extreme Password Generator Pro!

Extreme Password Generator Pro (EPG Pro) is a password generator utility which allows users to generate strong, difficult to crack random passwords...

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Extreme Password Generator Pro alternatives

  • PWGen (Password Generator)

  • Pwgen is a small, GPL'ed password generator which creates passwords which can be easily memorized by a human.

    tags: Portable password-generator passwords
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux PortableApps.com
  • Advanced Password Generator

  • Advanced Password Generator is a password generator with many options ie random length in a range, upper/lowecase characters and so on. It has comm...

    tags: command-line-interface password-generator
    platform: Windows Linux
  • makepasswd

  • makepasswd generates true random passwords by using the /dev/urandom feature of Linux, with the emphasis on security over pronounceability.

    tags: command-line-interface passwords password-generator random-password
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Password.es

  • Complete the forms below, indicating the characters you wish to include in your password and its length. Next click Create Password. You must have ...

    tags: password-generator passwords secure-passwords
    platform: Online
  • iPassword Generator

  • iPassword Generator, create strong password for a website or application using its name and the keyfile you selected.

    tags: Portable password-generator
    platform: Windows
  • Pafwert

  • Pafwert is a unique tool to help you to select strong passwords that are easy to remember. Pafwert suggests sample passwords that you can use to fo...

    tags: Portable password-generator passwords password-generation
    platform: Windows