Extreme Password Generator Pro!

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Extreme Password Generator Pro alternatives

  • PWGen (Password Generator)

  • Pwgen is a small, GPL'ed password generator which creates passwords which can be easily memorized by a human.

    tags: Portable password-generator passwords
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux PortableApps.com
  • Advanced Password Generator

  • Advanced Password Generator is a password generator with many options ie random length in a range, upper/lowecase characters and so on. It has command line and gui version. Currently command line version is available. GUI version will uploaded soon. All written in FreePascal/Lazarus.

    tags: command-line-interface password-generator
    platform: Windows Linux
  • makepasswd

  • makepasswd generates true random passwords by using the /dev/urandom feature of Linux, with the emphasis on security over pronounceability.

    tags: command-line-interface passwords password-generator random-password
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Password.es

  • Complete the forms below, indicating the characters you wish to include in your password and its length. Next click Create Password. You must have javascript activated on your browser in order to use this service.And you can now check and gauge your password based on the characters, numbers and symbols it contains to find out if it is of the right length and composition with our password checker.

    tags: password-generator passwords secure-passwords
    platform: Online
  • iPassword Generator

  • iPassword Generator, create strong password for a website or application using its name and the keyfile you selected.

    tags: Portable password-generator
    platform: Windows
  • Pafwert

  • Pafwert is a unique tool to help you to select strong passwords that are easy to remember. Pafwert suggests sample passwords that you can use to formulate a strong password that works for you. Using strong entropy, tens of thousands of seed words, more than a hundred patterns with endless variations, and following password best practices, Pafwert can help you to select very strong passwords that are surprisingly easy to memorize.

    tags: Portable password-generator passwords password-generation
    platform: Windows