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ENSUITE-VIEW alternatives

  • STP Viewer

  • Free STP Viewer - free software that lets you view 3D STEP files (.stp, .step file format).

    tags: cad
    platform: Windows
  • JT2Go

  • JT2Go is the no-charge viewing solution that includes basic 3D measurement, basic 3D sectioning, and product manufacturing information. JT is the common language of PLM and is the world’s most widely used 3D format. JT is the first ISO International Standard ( IS 14306-1) for 3D visualization and collaboration. Compact and accurate, JT is used throughout the product development lifecycle in all major industries to communicate the critical design information typically locked up inside a CAD file.

    tags: 3d-model-viewer product-lifecycle-management
    platform: Windows iPhone iPad
  • A360 VIEWER

  • A360 Viewer is a free online viewer for 2D and 3D designs including AutoCAD DWG, DXF, Revit RVT and Inventor IPT, as well as STEP, SolidWorks, CATIA and others. These file types can be viewed with the online A360 viewer, the free version of A360, and the paid version, A360 Team.3DM | 3DS | ASM | CAM360 | CATPART | CATPRODUCT | CGR | COLLABORATION | DAE | DGN | DLV3DWF | DWFX | DWG | DWT | DXF | EXP | F3D | FBX | G| GBXML | IAM | IDW | IFC | IGE | IGES | IGS | IPT JT | MODEL | NEU | NWC | NWD | OBJ | PRT | RVT | SAB | SAT | SESSION | SKP | SLDASM | SLDPRTSMB | SMT | STE | STEP | STL| STP| WIRE | X_B | X_T | XAS | XPR »

    tags: 3d-viewer
    platform: Online

  • Standalone multi-CAD software that allows you to view, translate, simplify geometry, access engineering info

    tags: 3d-viewer cad-environment cad-converter
    platform: Windows
  • Glovius

  • 3D viewers for CATIA V4/V5/V6, STEP, IGES, Creo, Pro/ENGINEER, NX, JT, SolidWorks, Solid Edge and Inventor files. Take accurate measurements, cut dynamic sections, compare differences between models, review changes. View and search attributes. View, search and filter PMI. View model views and captures. Hide/show and search components. Play animations. And more…

    tags: 3d-viewer
    platform: Windows Android iPhone iPad
  • eDrawings Viewer

  • View, print, and review all types of eDrawings files

    tags: 3d-graphics dwg autocad dwf
    platform: Windows
  • IDA-STEP Viewer

  • IDA-STEP Viewer supports viewing STEP data. STEP file (*.stp, *.step, *.p21) is an ASCII file, which structure is defined by an international standard ISO-10303-21. Since it is an international standard, this format is supported by the major PDM, CAD and other systems, making IDA-STEP Viewer Basic an universal viewer for different data. Moreover, IDA-STEP Viewer Basic supports the import of XIM (*.xim) files, which are used by IDA-STEP v4 for storing data.

    tags: 3d-model-viewer pdm
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux

  • iges2step is a freeware CAD file viewer for Windows XP/2000/NT. It allows viewing IGES and STEP files and translating between them. The versions of the formats are:- IGES: up to 5.3- STEP AP203: Mechanical Design (General 3D CAD)- STEP AP214: Automotive Design- STEP AP209: Finite-Element Analysis (initial support)

    tags: 3d-viewer cad-converter
    platform: Windows
  • VariCAD Viewer

  • VariCAD Viewer is a free viewer, convertor and printing software working with 2D DWG, DXF, 3D STEP and 2D/3D VariCAD file formats. VariCAD viewer allows you to convert DWG to DXF and vice-versa, convert STEP to 3D IGES or STL formats, print 2D DWG, DXF or VariCAD formats and use batch print or batch conversions. All conversions are also available between VariCAD native format and other listed formats. VariCAD viewer offers settings of 3D display methods (like light source or perspective). 3D display can be also exported into high-resolution bitmap file. »

    tags: 3d-viewer cad-converter dwg-viewer dxf-viewer
    platform: Windows Linux
  • 3D-Tool

  • Professional and affordable 3D and 2D CAD Viewer and Converter supporting the most common native CAD formats and 3D exchange formats.

    tags: 3d-viewer cad-converter
    platform: Windows
  • 3DViewStation

  • For efficient visualization KISTERS provides 3D CAD viewer and 2D viewer for Desktop and mobile users, for native and standard formats like NX, Catia, Creo as well as STEP, JT, ProE. Test our demos for free.

    tags: 3d-viewer
    platform: Windows Online
  • CADbro

  • Full-featured and budget-friendly 3D CAD viewer, especially designed for everyone to visualize and communicate engineering data. Packed with smart 3D CAD viewing, vivid 3D annotation and advanced analysis technologies, CADbro can deliver your team highly efficient internal & external cooperation, greatly shortened time-to-market and largely saved project investment.

    tags: 3d-viewer
    platform: Windows
  • CaniVIZ

  • CaniVIZ 3D CAD viewer enables easy 3D exchanges, visualizes, edits and collaborates around huge 3D models with the help of its compact VIZ file format. For Windows, Mac, Linux and Web... Compatible STL, WaveFront, 3DStudio, Step, IGES, and more...

    tags: 3d-viewer
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • IGS Viewer

  • IGS Viewer is a tool for viewing international IGES standard files. IGES files (.igs, .iges file format) for 3D and assembly are often used by all major mechanical CAD systems. With this absolutely FREE IGS Viewer you can easily open 3D files (*.igs), rotate them and perform some basic actions like: zoom, rotate, move or change skin and skin color.

    tags: 3d-viewer
    platform: Windows
  • PartXplore

  • The most powerful, high-speed CAD file viewer and analyzer. Very easy to use and is designed for users who are not necessarily CAD experts to enable them to explore any type of 2D/3D CAD file.

    tags: 3d-viewer cad-converter
    platform: Windows