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DomainTools alternatives

  • Robtex Swiss Army Knife Internet Tool

  • Here you will find everything you need to know about domains, DNS, IP addresses, routes, autonomous systems, and much, much more!

    tags: bgp dns domain-name domain-stats domains
  • Whoisology

  • Whoisology is a searchable domain name reverse whois / ownership database with over one billion individual domain name records that are updated pretty regularly.

    tags: api dns domain-name domains whois

  • With over 1.5K new gTLDs created so far and more on the horizon the days of everyone rolling their own WHOIS data parser are over. However you have nothing to fear, JsonWHOISAPI frees you from the countless hours it takes to build and maintain separate parser for all these gTLDs while giving every user 1000 FREE requests each and every month! We like being fair, so only pay for what you use with our PAYG pricing model.

    tags: bulk-whois json-whois-api parse parser rest-api

  • Find DNS records in order to identify the Internet footprint of an organization. Recon that enables deeper security assessments and understanding of the potential attack surface.

    tags: dns dig dnslookup

  • Free DNS related tools including Reverse IP Lookup, DNS Propagation Checker, Chinese Firewall Test, DNS Report and more!

    tags: dns
  • DNSCook

  • Free tools for DNS lookup, dns tests, RBL check, Reverse IP, Website Worth, Reverse WHOIS and more!

    tags: domain-name whois reverse-whois reverse-ip domain-stats
  • CyberIntel.Report

  • Get complete reports of domains, emails, or IP addresses with connections & leads in an in-depth, plain language document explaining the findings as developed by highly seasoned online investigators — for less than you'd expect. Use our report wizard and our systems will gather related domains, Whois records, IP address information and much more. Simply provide what you're looking for and we'll do the rest. They're easy to order and surprisingly affordable, automatically generated, and emailed to you when ready. »

    tags: bulk-whois dns domain-investigation domain-name domain-name-search
  • Domaintally

  • DomainTally is a leading domain name intelligence and analytics platform that provides comprehensive insight and key metrics into any website.

    tags: analytics dns domains web-analytics web-based
  • Domain Details

  • Displays Server Type, Headers, IP Address, Location Flag, and links to Whois Reports. Shows links to check server status and cache when page fails to load.

    tags: location ip-address whois
  • AskDNS

  • AskDNS Reverse IP Lookup lets you discover other domain names hosted on any given IP address.

    tags: domain-name domains ip-address whois domain-names
  • JsonWhois

  • An API that gathers social and whois data about a domain. It can also take a screenshot of the domain and logs historical screenshots. We provide a fast and reliable screenshot service. The api refreshes each image every month, but also logs all old screenshots allowing you to gather an index of historical appearance. For the best practices please check out our docs.

    tags: twitter facebook api domain-name linkedin

  • Downlodable lists of classic and country domains. Total 1548 zones updated daily. Includes emails, country, IPs and Alexa traffic ranks.

    tags: competitors-research domain-name domain-names domain-search domains
  • Online Domain Tools

  • makes your online life easier and happier. Various domain tools, network tools, web and browser tools, security and privacy tools, data and conversion tools, and coders tools are ready to be used immediately.

    tags: blacklist-check blacklist-monitoring broken-link-check dns-checks domain-tools
  • Bulk Whois API

  • Bulk Whois API is a provider of parsed WHOIS data in JSON with simple API, competitive pricing, top notch support, and more. Pay no more than necessary for WHOIS data that your business needs.

    tags: bulk-whois data-collection domain-information json-whois-api parsed-whois

  • The Intelligent Business Name Generator. Generate a name for your business and check the domains for availability.All for free!

    tags: domain-name domain-search name-generator domain-name-search business-name-generator