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Dnsstuff alternatives

  • Pingdom

  • Pingdom web site monitoring and other infrastructure for you and instantly let you know when anything goes wrong. Measure uptime, downtime, and the performance of your website as experienced by visitors.

    tags: performance-monitoring transactional-monitoring uptime-monitoring website-monitoring
  • MxToolBox

  • Monitors the performance of your websites, DNS, and email servers along with blacklist monitoring. Get alerts by e-mail and SMS. Add 1 monitor for free. Plus free online network and DNS lookup tools.

    tags: blacklist-monitoring email-monitoring free-network-tools network-monitoring network-utility
  • RapidSpike

  • RapidSpike is an uptime and performance monitoring service for websites and web applications. It simplifies monitoring, alerting and reporting to support your online presence and to ensure a positive user experience. Organisations use it to identify problems, measure performance and improve capacity planning.

    tags: domain-stats load-testing monitoring public-status-page real-user-monitoring
  • Webcron

  • With webcron you pay per request and you can choose the monitoring frequency to your linking. When your website goes down, webcron can send you either an email or a text message (SMS).

    tags: cron monitoring online-web-cron performance-monitoring website-monitoring
  • SMTP Diag Tool

  • SMTP Diag Tool is used to identify and troubleshoot SMTP server problems by trying to send a message to an SMTP server while displaying all diagnostic information in realtime in a log window.

    tags: smtp network-utility smtp-server diagnostic-tool diagnostic
  • Pingbreak

  • Free & Simple website monitoring

    tags: alerting broken-link-check down free-api http-basic-authentication
  • DNSInspect

  • DNSInspect is a web tool which checks domain name servers for common DNS and mail errors and generates a report with explanations how to fix them.

    tags: dns dns-checks dns-report fix-error report
  • SolveDNS

  • Free DNS Report - Tests A, MX, SOA, SPF records for speed, accuracy, and consistency. Includes timed out information which reports how many times a name server timed out. Also reports the average speed of your name server.

    tags: dns-report free-dns-report check-dns dns-speed
  • SPF Toolbox

  • SPFtoolbox is an Open Source Javascript and PHP app to look up DNS records such as SPF, MX, Whois, and more

    tags: dns lookup mxtoolbox php rest-api
  • Misk.com DNS Lookup

  • Powerful domain name and ip address tools for DNS Lookup (nslookup), Supports Reverse DNS, FCrDNS, DKIM, and IPv6.

    tags: dkim dns dns-checks dns-report fcrdns
  • Audit DNS

  • Audit your domain name DNS settings easily and quickly.

    tags: dns-server dns-report dns-checks free-dns-report check-dns
  • DNSDataView

  • This utility is a GUI alternative to the NSLookup tool that comes with Windows operating system. It allows you to easily retrieve the DNS records (MX, NS, A, SOA) of the specified domains.

    tags: dns graphical-user-interface lookup nslookup