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  • Qiqqa

  • Qiqqa is free award-winning knowledge-, research- and reference management software. If you're serious about getting the most from managing your publications, PDFs and bibliographies, Qiqqa is for you.

    tags: Portable academic automatic-tagging bibliographic bibliography
  • NVivo

  • Software for qualitative data analysis in every setting - from market research to content analysis and evaluation. QSR International’s products: XSight and NVivo are designed to help researchers and other people analyzing audio, video, photos, Word documents and PDF documents to compile, compare and make sense of their information quickly and easily.

    tags: caqdas content-analysis qualitative-data-analysis unstructured-data
  • Dedoose

  • Dedoose was designed from the ground up—by researchers, for researchers—to meet the needs of today’s social scientists working in academia, marketing, and education—virtually anyone looking for innovative software to facilitate the search for answers to research questions via qualitative or qualitative and quantitative data. These data may be numbers, scale scores, demographics, stories, fieldnotes, vignettes, interview or focus group transcripts, photos, and the list goes on AND they may represent individuals, belief systems, settings, culture, relationships, and this list goes on too—clever research teams looking for rich, reliable, valid, and comprehensive answers to their research questions. »

    tags: caqdas content-analysis mixed-methods qualitative-analysis qualitative-data-analysis

  • MAXQDA for Windows and Mac is a professional software for qualitative and mixed methods data analysis. The world leading software (since 1989) helps thousands of researchers world wide do successful research.

    tags: caqdas data-analysis qualitative-data-analysis qualitative-research text-analysis
  • Quirkos

  • Quirkos is a software package that helps people sort, manage and understand large amounts of text. It helps users tag or code relevant sections of text, and collate and compare themes across dozens of different text sources. It has an intuitive graphical interface, is easy to learn, and works across platforms.

    tags: qualitative-data-analysis qualitative-research text-analysis

  • CATMA is a practical and intuitive tool for literary scholars, students and other parties with an interest in text analysis and literary research. By helping perform many of the procedures useful for literary analysis that normally have to be carried out entirely manually, CATMA permits to save a great amount of time and work. Being implemented as a web application in the newest version, CATMA also facilitates the exchange of analytical results via the internet, which makes collaborative work more comfortable. »

    tags: caqdas content-analysis nvivo pdf pdf-reader
  • Provalis Research

  • Provalis Research is a world's leading developer of text analysis software with ground-breaking qualitative and quantitative analysis programs, such as QDA Miner, an innovative mixed-methods qualitative data analysis software; WordStat, a powerful add-on module for computer assisted content analysis and text mining; and Simstat, an easy yet powerful statistical software; The most distinctive feature of these tools is their interoperability, allowing researchers to seamlessly move back and forth between quantitative and qualitative data analysis. »

    tags: caqdas content-analysis qualitative-data-analysis qualitative-research text-analysis
  • Keeword bee

  • The Free Keyword Research Tool that Lets you Discover the Most Lucrative Keywords for your Projects.

    tags: seo keyword-tool keyword-research
  • The Ethnograph

  • Software for qualitative research and data analysis, facilitates the management and analysis of text based data such as transcripts of interviews, focus groups, field notes, diaries, meeting minutes, and other documents. According to the Ethnograph homepage it is the most widely used software for qualitative data analysis since 1985. Demo version and documentation available.

    tags: caqdas content-analysis qualitative-data-analysis