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DaVinci Apps alternatives

  • Apple App Store

  • The App Store lets you discover hundreds of thousands of applications that you can download for your iOS device. Browse the App Store for games and apps for business, entertainment, and more.

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  • mockDrop

  • Free online device mockup images. mockDrop is a webapp for creating beautiful device mockups. Use mockups to showcase you website or app without the need of specialized photography equipment. All mockups are fully created in the browser. This ensures maximum privacy, since your screenshots are not send to any server. A wide variety of different devices, such as MacBooks, iPhone, nexus 6, iMac are available. All mockups are free to use. New ones are added every few weeks.

    tags: device-mockup dropit mockup-generator mockups screenshots
  • Mockuuups Studio

  • Mockuuups Studio is a drag-and-drop tool for macOS and Windows to create beautiful app previews and marketing materials. No photoshop needed, simply drag your screenshots into the app and select from over 250 mockups, precisely retouched, categorized by the type and ready to use.

    tags: drag-and-drop import-from-sketch mockup-generator mockups screenshot-publishing
  • Placeit

  • Placeit is used for creating iPhone mockups and iPad mockups. It’s much faster than using a PSD mockup and produce product mockup within seconds!

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  • Magic Mockups

  • Place your product screenshot in real-life environment

    tags: mockup-generator mockups screenshot-generator screenshot-publishing screenshots
  • iPhone Screenshot Maker

  • Add iPhone frame on your screenshotsor Cut status bar.

    tags: mockup-generator mockups screenshot-generator screenshot-publishing screenshots
  • Downlor.com

  • Downlor.com is an awesome App Store. They have an Easy App Store submission developer console where developers can submit their app for short review and increase app installs.Write an article, write a blog, submit PC software as a developer and share them with your friends and users for free!

    tags: android-apps android-appstore app-development app-launcher app-review
  • Appure.io

  • Appure.io lets you generate customized, annotated & localized screenshots for the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

    tags: app-store-optimization app-stores appstore-optimization aso google-play
  • AppWrap : Device Art Generator

  • One Click Wrap with Device Mockups!!

    tags: device-art-generator device-frame-generator device-frames mockup-generator mockups
  • PicApp

  • PicApp was created by the awesome team from AppDemoStore.com to help you show your app to the world.

    tags: screenshots screenshot-publishing screenshot-generator mockup-generator review-management
  • TapNova

  • TapNova is the best way to discover apps for the iPhone or iPad from the App Store.

    tags: mobile-apps software-repository web-app best-apps hot-apps
  • App Store Screenshot

  • App Store Screenshot helps you generate beautiful and professional looking app screenshots in minutes. Works with iOS and Android phones/tablets.

    tags: android-development android-screenshot app-development app-screenshot developer-tools
  • Appder

  • Appder is the exciting new way to find the apps you'll love!

    tags: software-repository apps-download appstore-search-engine appscene
  • Smartmockups

  • Smartmockups is a new online tool for all designers, marketers and developers out there. With our curated collection of the best free product mockups you can present your design like a boss! It’s really useful when you need to present your design to a client or just showcase your work in a portfolio. All mockups are ready for both your personal and commercial projects.

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