DVD Hunter!

# Book Hunter ownload http://software.joelares.net/download/BHLastestVersion.php?version
snowLeo _Legacy_ Leopard http://software.joelares.net/download/BHLastestVersion.php?version
leo --- Book Hunter is a free application for Mac to catalog, sort, and organize your book collection. You can query online database to easily get all information about your favorite books.

DVD Hunter alternatives

  • Tellico

  • Tellico is a KDE application for organizing your collections. It provides default templates for books, bibliographies, videos, music, video games, coins, stamps, trading cards, comic books, and wines.

    tags: games cataloging collection
  • DVDPedia

  • DVDpedia is a movie cataloging application for Mac OS X. To save you time and effort, it retrieves all the information from the Internet via keyword or UPC scan, so you have time for more important things, like watching movies.

    tags: movie-catalog movie-database movie-collection movie-organizer
  • fennel DVDManager

  • fennel DVDManager (aka fsDM) is our next-generation DVD manager (sic) for Mac OS X. With its clean interface, DVDManager makes maintaining your DVD library as easy as Macintosh! Quick, Simple, Easy & Fun! It's time to manage the workflow of your DVDs with Style.

    tags: organizer collection