Cymath alternatives

  • Wolfram Alpha

  • Wolfram Alpha is a "Computational Knowledge Engine" - different from a search engine, it answers factual queries directly by computing the answer from structured data, rather than providing a list of documents or web pages that might contain the answer.

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  • Mathematica

  • Mathematica is a computational software program used widely in scientific, engineering, and mathematical fields and other areas of technical computing.

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  • Photomath

  • PhotoMath is the world's first camera calculator. Just point the camera towards the mathematical expression, and PhotoMath instantly displays a correct result.

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  • fxSolver

  • Online math solver, equation library, graphing calculator and science/engineering problem helper.Calculate multiple equations at once, Edit existing formulas and Create new ones, Compute large numbers of values, Plot graphs, Link your results, Solve full problems and Share worksheets with your friends.

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  • Mathway

  • Mathway provides students with the tools they need to solve their math problems. With tens of millions of problems already solved, Mathway is the #1 online problem solving resource available for students, parents, and teachers.

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  • Symbolab Math Solver

  • Symbolab: equation search and math solver - solves algebra, trigonometry and calculus problems step by step

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  • ThinkCalculator

  • Think calculator for Finance, Math, Geometry, Converter, Physic & Chemistry, Webtoolsm Date and time and more

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  • MATHdoozy

  • MATHdoozy was founded to provide all Math students a real time solution to real problems they face. Mathematics is a universal language. Students are often left behind because they did not master a certain concept at the right time. Then the slippery slope begins. Teachers, parents, siblings, tutors and friends are often not available or unable to help at the time when help is most needed and sought – when a student is stuck with a problem in Math. Leaving that problem unsolved or not understood causes the student to lose confidence and, over time, even interest in Math. MATHdoozy is an on-demand solution available on the fingertips of every student, teacher, and parent to ensure that each and every problem is solved real time – all the steps and concepts used are explained and referenced.Real Problems need Real Solutions in Real Time. »

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  • Apache OpenOffice Math

  • Math, part of the Apache OpenOffice suite, is a tool for creating and editing mathematical equations, similar to Microsoft Equation Editor (included in Microsoft Office). The created equations can then be embedded inside other documents, such as those created by Writer. Math supports multiple fonts and can export to PDF.

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  • Mathpix

  • Mathpix is the first app that lets you solve math by taking pictures of your handwriting. Simply snap a picture and get accurate plots and solutions.

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  • OneSecondSolver

  • Your personal math tutor. Available right when you need it!

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  • Physics Formulas Calculator

  • Physics Formulas Calculator comprises a selection of 119 different calculators that will simplify calculations which have given you headaches so far. Complex calculations, such as Force, Static Friction and others listed below will be handled easily with this app. > Force> Work> Total Work> Power with Work> Power with Displacement> Power with Velocity> Kinetic Energy> Potential Energy> Centripetal (Centrifugal) Acceleration> Concave Mirror Magnification> Centripetal Force> Circular Velocity> Velocity> Average Velocity> Displacement> Kinetic Friction> Static Friction> Newton Law of Gravity> Kepler Third Law> Gravitational Acceleration> Hooke Law> Elastic Potential Energy> Newton Second Law of Motion> Impulse with Velocity> Impulse with Time> Momentum with Velocity> Momentum with Time...> And Many More »

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