Chimp or Champ!

Chimp or Champ alternatives

  • 6Q

  • 6Q creates insights into employee productivity and happiness, and provides important feedback on your organisation.

    tags: management-tools employee-engagement employee-survey company-culture
  • Peakon

  • The real-time people analytics platform – providing organisations with insights that improve employee engagement and retention.

    tags: human-resources-management
  • TeamColony

  • Know what your team is doing with just one e-mail. Get status and mood reports from your people in a super simple way, from any device and time zone. 100% free, with no ads.

    tags: agile-project-management daily-standup employee-feedback productivity-tool project-management
  • YouEarnedIt

  • We help our customers build a better relationship with employees based on reinforcement of behaviors that matter. How?

    tags: employee-engagement employee-recognition employee-rewards

  • ‘Increasing employee engagement’ is the main purpose of INTUO.Their tool facilitates coaching, feedback, and agile objectives. These enable employees to be aligned with the company’s strategy much quicker than any traditional communication channel. And secondly, the INTUO software optimises employee engagement, making sure employees WANT to stay inside their organisation, i.e. increase employee retention.

    tags: company-culture employee-engagement employee-feedback employee-recognition hr-analytics
  • Weekly10

  • Weekly10 combines status reporting and performance management using a weekly 10 minute online check-in to set and review team and individual goals.

    tags: employee-engagement employee-feedback goal-tracking performance-management real-time-collaboration
  • Happy Mood Score

  • Team management, employee engagement and feedback, peer-to-peer rewards for startups and agile companies.

    tags: employee-engagement employee-feedback productivity-tool remote-team-management remote-teams
  • 15Five

  • 15Five Employee Feedback System. 15Five allows your company to surface problems, celebrate wins, discover great ideas, and stay tuned in to morale.

    tags: employee-feedback
  • Tap My Back

  • Tap My Back is an employee recognition software that prevents employees from feeling demotivated. It gives team members the motivation to keep improving their productivity and work performance by repeating actions that had a positive impact on the team.

    tags: 360-feedback employee-engagement employee-recognition hr-software hr-technology
  • TeamGraph

  • TeamGraph is an employee engagement solution that helps CXOs measure and track key characteristics of workplace dynamics, and gain insight on patterns that inform organizational development.

    tags: analytics data-analytics hr-analytics hr-technology text-mining
  • Friday Feedback

  • Friday Feedback is employee engagement software designed to help you be the best boss you can be. We help you collect consistent feedback, recognize peer achievements and more.

    tags: employee-engagement employee-feedback employee-engagment

  • is a refreshingly simple yet powerful employee happiness solution, lovingly made for business leaders around the world. helps you create happier and more productive workplaces by identifying problems real-time and giving contextual direction for improvement using people analytics.

    tags: human-resources-management hr-analytics employee-engagment
  • Officevibe

  • Officevibe helps you to engage employees. Measure employee satisfaction in real-time with pulse surveys and get tips to improve based on your results.

    tags: human-resources-management hr-software employee-engagement employee-recognition
  • Saberr CoachBot

  • The world’s first digital team coach, providing always on intelligent coaching personalised to fit your team.

    tags: .ai blended-learning coaching-software communication-tools decisionmaking
  • Weeting Engage

  • A highly motivated workforce needs to be closely connected. Build and maintain a high-performing organization with the help of Weeting Engage. Establish a culture of collaboration and appreciation with its nifty features.

    tags: employee-engagement employee-recognition social-network