Calendly alternatives

  • Simple Calendar

  • An offline calendar without any other calendar integration. You can easily create recurring events and setup reminders, it can also display week numbers.

    tags: built-in-calendar calendar events notifications reminder

  • No back-and-forth emails, no double booking and only a few seconds to schedule an appointment with you. It's idea is simple: you create your calendar, set your availability and then share it with our clients or co-workers, who can easily schedule an appointment. Thanks to the integration with all major calendars and time-zone synchronization, we can be sure that everything goes smoothly.

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  • Small and medium scale businesses wish to provide online service booking, but tools out there are either too expensive or too complex.

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  • is a light-weight and easy-to-use online calendar like a usual memo calendar on the wall. Behind every day a small note can be deposited. is free and without registration (login) usable.

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  • MineTime

  • MineTime is a free, modern desktop calendar app. Connect all your calendar services and let MineTime's Scheduling Intelligence help you optimize your time.MineTime works natively with Google Calendar,, Microsoft Exchange and Office 365: this means you can organize all your calendars directly in MineTime.

    tags: calendar exchange google-calendar-sync office365 personal-assistant
  • Q-IT Team Scheduler

  • Q-IT has created a fully automated scheduling tool to help global teams schedule meetings automatically. Our tool allows teams to save time and money by cutting out the endless back and forth involved in coordinating meetings. Our mobile app, web app, and Chrome extension integrates into existing work calendars, Q-IT uses a proprietary algorithm to generate and synchronize user events based on preferences and availabilities of people both within their company and among their business network.

    tags: automation automation-tool business-process efficiency enterprise-software
  • wtplan

  • wtplan (web terminal planner ) helps you manage a calendar. The calendar can be managed from a command line interface and/or a web interface. The calendar data is stored in a simple text file. wtplan integrates with git to make backup and synchronization between multiple computers convenient.

    tags: Portable calendar git golang terminal-client
  • WizCal

  • WizCal's mission is to improve individual and organizational efficiency through AI Orchestration of Calendars. Current scheduling tools use the free/busy information to find time. These tools start to fail as the complexity of scheduling increases due to factors like busy calendars, participants external to your organization, multiple time zones, finding a meeting location etc. The result is that it takes away precious time and focus away from core work and leads to lost opportunities by not making a timely connect with your partners, customers or team. WizCal is an AI-powered meeting scheduling assistant that addresses these problems. ยป

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