Bunch of Heroes!

Bunch of Heroes alternatives

  • Diablo (Series)

  • Diablo III is an action role-playing game that takes place throughout the dark fantasy world of Sanctuary.

    tags: WINE action-rpg dark-fantasy dungeon-crawler hack-n-slash
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • Torchlight (Series)

  • Torchlight is an action role-playing game. The fantasy-themed game is set in the fictional town of Torchlight and the expansive caverns and dungeons nearby, which adventurers explore to collect valuable loot and battle hordes of monsters.

    tags: action-rpg cartoon-style dungeon-crawler hack-n-slash role-playing-game
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Path of Exile

  • Path of Exile is an online Action RPG set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. We're a small independent team of hardcore gamers based in New Zealand and have created Path of Exile as the game that we'd want to play ourselves. It is designed around a strong barter-based online item economy, deep character customisation, competitive PvP and ladder races. The game is completely free and will never be "pay to win".

    tags: action-game action-rpg free-to-play mmorpg role-playing-game
    platform: Windows
  • Bastion

  • Bastion is the first title from Supergiant Games, an original action role-playing game set in a lush imaginative world, in which players must create and fight for civilization’s last refuge as a mysterious narrator marks their every move.

    tags: action-game action-rpg isometric-platformer role-playing-game
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux iPhone Chrome OS iPad
  • Magicka

  • Magicka is a satirical action-adventure game set in a rich fantasy world based on Norse mythology. The player assumes the role of a wizard from a sacred order tasked with stopping an evil sorcerer who has thrown the world into turmoil, his foul creations besieging the forces of good.

    tags: games multiplayer role-playing-game single-player
    platform: Windows Steam
  • FreedroidRPG

  • The game tells the story of a world destroyed by a conflict between robots and their human masters. Play as Tux in a quest to save the world from the murderous rebel bots who know no mercy. You get to choose which path you wish to follow, and freedom of choice is everywhere in the game.

    tags: diablo droid free-game isometric linux-game
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Grim Dawn

  • Grim Dawn is an action role-playing game. It is being developed by members of the team that created Titan Quest. As a spiritual successor to Titan Quest, Grim Dawn will attempt to better perfect the magical formula of exploration, character advancement, and loot collection pioneered by Diablo.

    tags: action-rpg games hack-n-slash multiplayer open-world
    platform: Windows
  • Titan Quest

  • From the co-creator of Age of Empires, Brian Sullivan, comes an all-new action role-playing game set in the mythical worlds of ancient Greece and Egypt. Amazing visuals and fast-action gameplay deliver a true cinematic gaming experience. Lush ancient world settings crafted in near-photo realistic detail provide the player with an extraordinary canvas on which to set forth on an epic quest of the ultimate good versus evil.

    tags: dungeon-crawler games hack-n-slash role-playing-game third-person
    platform: Windows Android Android Tablet Steam
  • Dungeon Siege 2

  • Dungeon Siege II (DS2) is a computer role-playing game and is the sequel to 2002's popular Dungeon Siege. It was developed by Gas Powered Games and released on August 16, 2005, one year delayed from original projections. The story is a continuation of the Dungeon Siege storyline. On August 2006, the expansion Dungeon Siege II: Broken World was released.

    tags: Discontinued games role-playing-game third-person
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Steam Discontinued
  • Nox

  • Some decades before Jack's arrival to the Land of Nox, a group of Necromancers attempted to seize control over the world but was stopped by the legendary hero Jandor wielding an artifact weapon named "the Staff of Oblivion". Following the Necromancers' defeat, Jandor trapped their souls within the magical Orb, which the Arch-Wizard Horvath then transported to another dimension later revealed to be modern Earth...

    tags: action-rpg games isometric multiplayer role-playing-game
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • Capsized

  • Capsized is a retro-inspired 2d platformer developed by Alientrap. Presented in a unique hand drawn art style. As a intrepid space traveler, you have crash landed on a mysterious planet and soon discover you are not alone.

    tags: action-game atmospheric platform-game side-scroller slow-paced
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Steam
  • Castlevania The Lecarde Chronicles

  • A fan-made game based on the Castlevania series. Play as Efrain Lecarde, a knight of the church, who is sent to investigate a strange event that occurred in the cemetery of his hometown of Segovia Spain.

    tags: Portable adventure-game castlevania classic classic-game
    platform: Windows
  • Hollow Knight

  • Descend into the DarkVenture down into a beautiful, ruined world of insects and heroes

    tags: 2d-game action-adventure adventure-game platform-game unity-game
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Steam
  • Spiral Knights

  • Band together and fight to the Core! Spiral Knights is a cooperative adventure in a persistent world with a focus on instant, fast-paced action.

    tags: adventure-game co-op free-to-play java-based mmo
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Summoning Wars

  • Summoning Wars is an open source role-playing game, featuring both a single-player and a multiplayer mode for about 2 to 8 players.

    tags: 3d-games multiplayer role-playing-game
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux