BulletProof Security!

BulletProof Security is a complete website security package for WordPress.

BulletProof Security alternatives

  • Acunetix

  • Audit your website security and web applications for SQL injection, Cross site scripting and other web vulnerabilities with Acunetix Web Security S...

    tags: website-security
    platform: Windows Online Wordpress
  • Sucuri

  • Sucuri is the de facto standard in website malware monitoring and cleanup. You get hacked, get a virus or trojan, we clean up the mess! No need to ...

    tags: malware-remover web-monitoring website-monitoring wordpress
    platform: Online Wordpress
  • Wordfence

  • The Wordfence WordPress security plugin provides free enterprise-class WordPress security, protecting your website from hacks and malware.

    tags: security-utilities wordpress-plugin
    platform: Self-Hosted Wordpress
  • Virusdie

  • Clean and protect your websites like a security expert easy and fast. Virusdie helps you clean your websites from malware automatically. Shows mali...

    tags: security-and-privacy wordpress security-utilities anti-malware malware-remover
    platform: Linux Online
  • 6Scan

  • 6Scan is a full service security solution for your small business website.

    tags: security-utilities wordpress-plugin website-security
    platform: Self-Hosted Wordpress
  • All In One WP Security and Firewall

  • The All In One WordPress Security and Firewall is the ultimate security plugin that will take your website’s security to a whole new level.

    tags: security-utilities wordpress-plugin
    platform: Self-Hosted Wordpress
  • Shield Security

  • 8x strong firewall rulesetsCustomized firewall responsesAdministrator and per-page firewall whitelistSuper/security administratorRestrict administr...

    tags: wordpress scanner protection website-security
    platform: Windows Linux Online iControlWP Wordpress
  • Defender

  • Get regular security scans, vulnerability reports, safety recommendations and customized hardening for your site in just a few clicks. Defender is ...

    tags: wordpress-plugin security-utilities web-monitoring website-security
    platform: Self-Hosted Wordpress
  • iThemes Security

  • Protect and defend your WordPress site with iThemes Security, the best WordPress security plugin.

    tags: security-utilities wordpress-plugin
    platform: Self-Hosted Wordpress
  • Actifend

  • According to InternetLiveStats, over 2 million websites get hacked every month. In this situation, you should be prepared for the eventuality of be...

    tags: secure-web web-application-security web-security web-security-scanner web-security-testing
    platform: Android Wordpress
  • Report Attacks

  • This plugin improve login security, create a blacklist of IP addresses and reports brute force login attempts attacks.

    tags: reporting report
    platform: Linux Wordpress