BulkFileChanger is a small utility that allows you to create files list from multiple folders, and then make some action on them - Modify their cre...

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BulkFileChanger alternatives

  • FileMenu Tools

  • FileMenu Tools lets you customize the context (right-click) menu of Windows Explorer. The application adds built-in utilities to perform operations...

    tags: Portable change-file-dates context-menu context-menu-manager copy-path
    platform: Windows Windows Explorer
  • Attribute Changer

  • Attribute Changer shell extension (freeware) is a power user tool to change all kind of file and folder attributes, date, time and even NTFS compre...

    tags: batch-attribute-editor edit-attribute explorer-integration file-attributes
    platform: Windows
  • FCorp File & Folder Tools

  • Collection of File & Folder Related Tools .

    tags: Portable attribute-changer change-file-dates checksum duplicate-file-finder
    platform: Windows
  • SKTimeStamp

  • SKTimeStamp is a very simple shell extension which adds a new tab to the Explorer properties dialog. On that new tab, you can change the file/folde...

    tags: change-file-dates file-attributes time-stamp windows-explorer-extension
    platform: Windows Windows Explorer
  • PhotoME

  • PhotoME is a powerful tool to show and edit the meta data of image files. Thanks to the well organised layout and intuitive handling, it's possible...

    tags: browser-extension exif exif-editing exif-editor explorer-integration
    platform: Windows Internet Explorer Thunderbird Opera Flock SeaMonkey Firefox
  • Attribute Magic

  • Advanced utility to modify file date-time stamps, metadata, attributes and batch rename files and folders.

    tags: attribute-changer change-file-dates explorer-integration modify-properties
    platform: Windows
  • Timestamp Clamper

  • Timestamp Clamper allows resetting file and folder timestamps that fall outside of specified time range.

    tags: Portable change-file-dates change-file-times change-file-timestamps file-timestamps
    platform: Windows
  • CHRONOS (time stamp)

  • CHRONOS is a tool to set the time stamp of one or more files either to an absolute or a relative value.

    tags: Portable change-file-dates time-stamp set-time-stamp-of-file
    platform: Windows
  • TouchPro

  • TouchPro allows you to change any combination of file time attributes through a file's property pages. It fully integrates into File Explorer givin...

    tags: change-file-dates modify-filesystem-timestamps time-stamp windows-explorer-extension
    platform: Windows Windows Explorer
  • PropertiesPlus

  • PropertiesPlus is a free add-on for your Windows Explorer. It adds additional functionality to your right-click menu under the menu option Properti...

    tags: Discontinued windows-explorer-extension right-click properties
    platform: Windows Windows Explorer Discontinued
  • Ninotech Date Edit

  • Ninotech Date Edit is a shell extension that enables you to change the date and time of your files from inside Windows Explorer.

    tags: Discontinued windows-explorer-extension desktop-enhancement time-stamp change-file-dates
    platform: Windows Windows Explorer Discontinued