Setting up a new build pipeline is no harder than running a build on your local machine, and the agent installs in one line of bash. Let your entire team become the build experts. Log output folding, live updates, emoji, and browsable build artifacts allow everyone on the team to see what’s happening and to debug the cause of build failures.

Buildkite alternatives

  • GitHub

  • GitHub is a web-based hosting service for projects that use the Git revision control system. It is written in Ruby on Rails by Logical Awesome developers Chris Wanstrath, PJ Hyett, and Tom Preston-Werner. GitHub offers both commercial plans and free accounts for open source projects.

    tags: distributed-version-control git ifttt-integration issue-tracking project-hosting
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android iPhone Windows RT Android Tablet BSD
  • Bitbucket

  • Bitbucket is a code hosting site, for the Git and Mercurial version control systems. It provides a fully featured environment for managing development, including a wiki, a powerful issue tracker, and easy collaboration with others.

    tags: bug-tracking code-hosting csm development git
    platform: Online
  • Jenkins

  • Jenkins is a fork of Hudson and is a continuous build system for software projects.

    tags: continuous-integration development extensible monitoring projects
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD Self-Hosted
  • Travis CI

  • A hosted continuous integration service for open source projects. It supports Ruby, PHP, Python, Java, Node.js, and many more.

    tags: automated-testing continuous-integration open-source-projects
    platform: Online Ruby
  • Buddy

  • Buddy lets you build, test and deploy web projects in a very simple way.

    tags: Portable asset-pipeline automate automated-deployment automated-testing
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Self-Hosted
  • Buildbot

  • Buildbot - The Continuous Integration FrameworkBuildbot is an open-source framework for automating software build, test, and release processes.

    tags: continuous-integration development monitoring projects python-based
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD
  • JetBrains TeamCity

  • TeamCity is a continuous integration and build management system. With TeamCity, you can set up a build server within minutes and enjoy out of the box continuous unit testing, code quality analysis, and early reporting on build problems — even without leaving your favorite IDE. TeamCity offers a gentle learning curve, so you can quickly improve your release management practices by gradually adopting its advanced features and capabilities.

    tags: build-management continuous-integration distributed
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • Codeship

  • Codeship is a hosted Continuous Delivery Service that integrates with GitHub and Bitbucket.

    tags: asset-pipeline continuous-delivery continuous-deployment continuous-integration continuous-testing
    platform: Online
  • Bitrise

  • Automate your iOS development - From building through testing to deployment Bitrise can automate your daily development tasks.

    tags: continuous-integration continuous-deployment continuous-testing continuous-delivery
    platform: Online
  • DeployBot

  • Deploy your apps from GitHub, Bitbucket or any Git repository to any hosting platform of your choice.

    tags: deployment elastic-beanstalk file-transfer-protocol sftp
    platform: Online
  • CircleCI

  • CircleCI provides development teams the confidence to build, test, and deploy—quickly and consistently—across numerous platforms. Built to address the demanding needs of today's application development environments, CircleCI supports every component of a modern application, including mobile apps (iOS and Android), conventional web applications (built with platforms like Rails and Django), browser-based apps (built with frameworks like AngularJS and Ember), and containerized apps (built with tools like Docker). »

    tags: continuous-integration continuous-deployment
    platform: Online
  • GoCD

  • GoCD is an open source continuous delivery server created by ThoughtWorks. GoCD offers businesses a first-class build and deployment engine for complete control and visibility. It was designed for continuous delivery and the concepts essential to this practice are built in at the core.

    tags: continuous-delivery continuous-deployment continuous-integration development pipeline-configuration
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Bamboo

  • Todays development teams are adopting continuous integration to increase productivity and improve code quality.

    tags: developer-tools development monitoring multi-branch-build projects
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • AppVeyor

  • Continuous Integration for busy developers

    tags: continuous-integration automated-testing
    platform: Online
  • Octopus Deploy

  • Octopus Deploy is a user-friendly release management system for professional .NET developers.

    tags: automated-deployment deployment release-management
    platform: Windows Linux Online Self-Hosted Microsoft Azure