It save's your bandwidth by directly downloading your file into your Dropbox, without having to download that file to your computer and syncing it then to your Dropbox. Now you can download videos, music to your Dropbox, and stream them using Box my downloads Close # Saving files in Dropbox just got easier!

BoxMyDownloads alternatives

  • Ballloon

  • Ballloon helps you save web files to Dropbox and Google Drive without downloading steps. Just right click the file and fly it (shown left). You can save ANY type of files you meet and you can change the destination folder as you wish. What's more, you can stop any flying files and you can check the recent flyings if you want. "One more thing", buy yourself a better mouse.

    tags: Discontinued download-to-dropbox download-to-google-drive google-drive-integration
  • URL Droplet

  • URL Droplet is a simple webapp that allows you to paste in the download link for a file and have it download straight to your Dropbox, so you can deal with later.

    tags: download-to-dropbox dropbox-integration dropbox-sync webapp