Bonusly integrates seamlessly with your organization's HR and communication tools. Send microbonuses™ directly through Slack View bonus activity on Office 365 alternatives

  • KudosNow

  • Kudos is hosted employee recognition software that enhances employee engagement and team communication.

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  • YouEarnedIt

  • We help our customers build a better relationship with employees based on reinforcement of behaviors that matter. How?

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  • Battlejungle

  • Battlejungle is a new team building tool to bring co-workers together. It helps you make the office a fun, active and more social place. It helps you create a better team spirit and highly supports onboarding by making the integration easier for new employees.

    tags: employee-engagment gamification human-resources-management sports tournament
  • Tap My Back

  • Tap My Back is an employee recognition software that prevents employees from feeling demotivated. It gives team members the motivation to keep improving their productivity and work performance by repeating actions that had a positive impact on the team.

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  • Achievers

  • Achievers software and services inspire employees globally and drive business success.

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  • Braavoo is a SaaS platform to recognize employees and team members instantly wherever they are and on any device and allows for a quick and easy method of giving employees meaningful feedback. Such meaningful, direct recognition boosts engagement and motivation, team morale and productivity in today’s complex workplace.

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  • Globoforce

  • Globoforce is the leader in employee recognition. Our solutions drive employee engagement, employee retention and corporate culture.

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  • Recognize

  • Recognize is motivating the workplace through the easiest-to-use employee recognition platform on the market. Over 2,000 companies are recognizing their staff with the Yammer, Sharepoint, Outlook, Slack, Mobile and Chrome-integrated platform. Drive focus on company values through Recognize's unique badges and points strategy.

    tags: employee-engagement employee-recognition gamification
  • Weeting Engage

  • A highly motivated workforce needs to be closely connected. Build and maintain a high-performing organization with the help of Weeting Engage. Establish a culture of collaboration and appreciation with its nifty features.

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  • Sales Performance Management - Sell, Service, and Market Better with Salesforce

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