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BoinxTV alternatives

  • XSplit Broadcaster

  • XSplit Broadcaster is a desktop application designed to make your multimedia broadcasting and recording a lot easier and more fun to do. With its live output broadcasting feature, you can self-produce video broadcasts, conferences, distance learning courses, campus-wide newscasts, game broadcasts and more.

    tags: broadcasting desktop-recorder directshow live-broadcasting live-stream
    platform: Android HTC Vive
  • Snowmix

  • Snowmix is a video mixer tool for mixing live and recorded video and audio feeds. It supports clipping, scaling and transparent overlay of video, png graphics and text. It supports animation of video, images and texts through native commands changing scale, placement, transparency and rotation. Animation and actions can also be controlled through native scripting and an embedded Tcl interpreter. Snowmix is designed for control over low bandwidth links and can work as a standalone CLI based program. Control over both CLI and a TCP connections.Live and recorded video feeds can be fed to the mixer via GStreamer pipelines. Output can be accessed through GStreamer pipelines.OS X on Intel and Linux on amd64/i386/i686/ARMv7 supported. Ubuntu/Fedora/Mint/Debian/OpenSUSE/Chakra and Linero is supported. »

    tags: video-mixing special-effects realtime-processing
    platform: Mac OS X Linux
  • Wirecast

  • Wirecast software lets you produce professional-looking live events with just a camera, an internet connection and a computer. Stream or record live internet shows, broadcast breaking news or sporting events, stream live concerts, transmit church services, corporate meetings, lectures and much more.

    tags: broadcasting live-broadcasting webcast webcasting
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • Ustream Producer

  • Ustream Producer is an easy and powerful way to stream to your Ustream channel. For beginning users, you can get started right away using your built in webcam and add graphics, videos and music to your broadcast. For more experienced users, the Pro and Studio versions offer many advanced features for pro quality productions, right from your desktop.

    tags: broadcasting live-broadcasting screencasting webcast
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • Kageshi

  • Free Open Community Based Video Chat. If you're tired of all the 10.5 billion rules when chatting with friends, we'd love to be your new home!

    tags: broadcasting chat-clients chat-rooms chatrooms live-chat
    platform: Online Adobe Flash Player
  • WebcamStudio

  • WebcamStudio is a multifeatured virtual webcam software that can be used with Skype or a flash website like UStream, to create a professional looking broadcast, including banners, animations, transit animations and icons, etc...

    tags: broadcasting capture-photo graphics live-broadcasting take-screenshot
    platform: Linux
  • VidBlaster

  • VidBlaster is the easy to use video production tool to create anything from a simple holiday video to a live television broadcast. Whatever edition of VidBlaster you choose, the production will be live without any editing required. Use VidBlaster Home to easily create videos and upload them to sites like YouTube, Mevio or any WordPress blog. Or create your own tv show by streaming live video to sites like Ustream, Stickam or VidBlaster Pro does this and more by adding support for more cameras, more video players, simultaneous recording and streaming, various video effects like PIP and split screen, and higher resolutions. Whatever edition you use, VidBlaster will put live video production at your fingertips! »

    tags: broadcasting live-broadcasting live-video-production streaming television
    platform: Windows
  • TrucklistStudio

  • TrucklistStudio is a fork from WebcamStudio software. It is only capable to handle Videos, Music, Picture and Text/Animated-Gifs Overlays. It can Broadcast to almost every kind of services through FMEs XML configuration files.The Main goal is to have a light and stable media playlist broadcasting software.

    tags: streaming video-streaming broadcasting playlists streaming-audio
    platform: Windows Linux
  • TrucklistStudioFX

  • TrucklistStudioFX is the JavaFX rewritten TrucklistStudio project. It is only capable to handle videos, music, picture and text/animated gif overlays. It can broadcast to almost every kind of services through FMEs XML configuration files.The main goal is to have a light and stable media playlist broadcasting software.

    tags: streaming broadcasting playlists tv-streaming tv-software
    platform: Windows Linux
  • VidStudio

  • VidStudio is a software system for live video production. Everyone can easily broadcast live events and create professional webcasts from any location.

    tags: broadcasting desktop-recorder directshow live-broadcasting live-streaming
    platform: Windows
  • Streamstar

  • Streamstar is the most advanced line of sw and hardware live production tools that enable users to easily produce and stream professional multi-camera live video productions.Streamstar is the system of choice of professional sports productions because of its unique feature set especially focussed on sports productions. It's extraordinary replay and slow-motion capabilities rival even the high end replay systems.With an intuitive and brilliant user interface the system is extremely easy to use, fast and efficient. »

    tags: broadcasting camera-capturing character-generator live-broadcasting live-recording
    platform: Windows
  • Adobe Visual Communicator

  • Adobe® Visual Communicator® 3 software offers hundreds of customizable graphics, music clips, and special effects to create video presentations that look like a television newscast.

    tags: broadcasting live-broadcasting presentation streaming
    platform: Windows
  • Procaster

  • client application, limited Twitter publishing integration.

    tags: Discontinued broadcasting live-broadcasting live-streaming webcast
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Discontinued
  • twitcam

  • Live stream video on Twitter using twitcam. Powered by livestream. twitcam allows Twitter users to start streaming on their own channels, complete with live chat. Video tweet to millions using live streaming video technology courtesy of your friends at livestream. Use a webcam or screen capture program and start tweeting video today!

    tags: Discontinued broadcasting live-broadcasting live-streaming streaming
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Discontinued