Birdie PDF Security Remover!

**Q: Having Outlook installation is necessary?** **A:** No, for migration you don’t need MS Outlook installation, but to open and view PST files data you do require Outlook installation with proper account configuration. **Q: Can I use the software in Mac OS?** **A:**No, this product is entire Windows based. You will have to perform conversion in a Windows machine.

Birdie PDF Security Remover alternatives

  • QPDF

  • It could have been called something like pdf-to-pdf. It also provides many useful capabilities to developers of PDF-producing software or for people who just want to look at the innards of a PDF file to learn more about how they work.

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  • 4dots Free PDF Password Remover

  • Remove PDF passwords and restrictions on printing, editing, copying, form filling, commenting, page extraction and others from PDF documents.

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  • Stellar Phoenix PDF Recovery

  • Stellar Phoenix PDF Recovery repairs corrupt or damaged PDF files and restores forms, headers/footers, word art, clip art, page format, charts, shapes, and tables.

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  • GSView

  • Use Ghostscript GSview to open PDF files with owner password restrictions. The Ghostscript-based PDF viewer disregards Adobe security settings. You can print a restricted PDF file, convert it to other formats, or extract text content and export it as plain text. However GSview cannot remove or bypass user passwords.

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  • SysTools PDF Unlocker

  • SysTools PDF Unlocker is a reliable tool to unlock PDF file Password and Restrictions. The software is capable to Unlock PDF file’s owner password security, removes PDF file restrictions like (printing, editing, copying, extracting text, etc.) and unlocks batch files (this feature is only in business and enterprise license). It supports all Windows OS versions up-to 8.1, Adobe Reader version 9 and below versions.

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  • A-PDF Restrictions Remover

  • For 9.99 $ A-PDF Restrictions Remover is extremely easy to use. Just right click the PDF file in Windows Explorer, and in the context-sensitive menu that pops up, select either the "Remove Restrictions" or "Remove Restrictions & Save as..." option. In just a few seconds, you will have a PDF file with no restrictions. You can edit, print, copy, and more with your PDF files.

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  • PDF Password Remover Tool

  • PDF Password Remover tool is a simple tool that can be used to decrypt password protected PDF files which have their "owner" password set. PDF files with the owner password set would prevent viewers from editing, selecting text, printing and otherwise changing any of the pdf properties such as form fields etc. This PDF Password Remover tool will decrypt and remove owner passwords from any PDF document.

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  • Recover PDF Password

  • Recover PDF Password is a PDF password recovery tool by Eltima Software, which recovers passwords of PDF files if they were lost or forgotten. It can recover both user password, which prevents opening a PDF file and owner password, which protects information in PDF from being printed, copied or edited. Recover PDF Password supports all versions of Adobe Acrobat and can recover Unicode passwords even for protected Acrobat 9.x files. With this password recovery tool you can use various methods of recovering lost passwords: by password length, by template or use exhaustive search method. All methods are proved to be successful, however, exhaustive search requires maximum time. Recover PDF Password can create an unprotected copy of PDF file using its new “Decrypt” option and even remove the digital signature from the PDF files. »

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  • Freeware PDF Unlocker

  • Freeware PDF Unlocker is a simple and useful application for 32bit-Windows, that will remove the password and restrictions on any PDF file that you can read.There are two types of passwords that can be used in a PDF file.1. A password that restricts some functions. Such as printing, copy & paste. This is the most common type. {Owner}2. A password to open the file for reading. {User}Using this application is very simple. After installation:To remove type 1, that is printing, copy & paste restriction, just drag your PDF file on to the link on your desktop (on to PDF Unloacker icon). With in a few seconds it will remove the password and allows printing or copying & pasting the contents from the PDF File.To remove type 2 requires you must know the password to open the file. You can then remove this password and any restrictions.Right click Remove PDF Password link (icon) and choose edit.Directly after ‘-sPDFPassword=’ Place open password, without quotes. Close and save file.Then drag and drop the PDF on to the link on your desktop. You can rename the file if you want.The application is tested and found to be working properly and fast. It can remove 40 or 128 bit passwords. »

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  • 3Steps PDF Unlocker

  • 3Steps PDF Unlocker Software is an easy to use and permission-based tool for enable all PDF permissions and remover PDF security in no time. By using this software you don’t need any installation of Adobe Acrobat on your machine for removing PDF file restrictions and security. This unbeatable PDF file restriction remover tool support all PDF files created using any Adobe Acrobat application. Software is fully compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1.

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  • A free service to remove restrictions from viewable PDFs - print, copy/paste, etc. Supports very large PDF files.

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  • Ignissta PDF Lock Unlock

  • IGnissta PDF Lock Unlock Tool is a quick and easy to lock your personal PDF files with passwords and unlock PDF copy, print, edit securities, which offered you in free PDF unlocker demo version. Our efficient secured PDF unlock tool helps you to remove PDF restrictions.

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  • PCVITA PDF Restriction Remover

  • PDF Restriction Remover application is developed by PCVITA Software that removes all restrictions (Print, Edit, Copy, Extract, Cut, Paste etc) added in PDF file. Whenever an Adobe admin applies Owner Password in PDF file, all these options gets disabled. This is where our PDF Restriction Remover application helps to you. The product does not require Adobe Acrobat and Reader installed on machine to unlock PDF file restrictions. The main qualities are this PDF Unlocker tool is:

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