BigScreen VR!

BigScreen VR alternatives

  • Cmoar VR Cinema

  • The cinematic VR video player, Cmoar VR Cinema lets you experience video in an immersive atmosphere complete with dynamic lighting and realistic scenery.

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  • Intugame

  • Intugame VR lets you play PC games in Virtual reality. It uses your smartphone and a Virtual reality headset of your choice. You put your smartphone in the VR headset and press play. Our app takes care of the rest. We stream the game from your PC to your smartphone, and render it in 3D. We use your smartphone's sensors to accurately track your head movement. We can then adjust the game camera when you turn your head.

    tags: games virtual-reality
  • Oculus Video

  • Watch Facebook 360 videos, Twitch, Vimeo, and your own movie files with the official VR Video player for Oculus Rift. Choose from multiple VR theater environments including in a home theater, on a phone in the forest, and even the surface of the moon.

    tags: video-player virtual-reality vr-video vr-video-player
  • SKYBOX VR Player

  • SKYBOX VR Player is an immersive, virtual reality video player for Daydream VR that transports you to a breathtaking locale overseeing the Grand Canyon, where you can enjoy videos in VR theatre.

    tags: video-player virtual-reality
  • DreamDesk VR

  • VR Desktop Environment Access all your software, files, browse the net, stream Netflix, watch 360/SBS/OU/3D and play games on multiple virtual screens. DreamDesk allows you create, scale and place virtual screens around you without additional hardware or drivers. Even see your keyboard and environment through webcams.

    tags: htc-vive oculus-rift-support virtual-reality vr-apps vr-desktop
  • VRidge

  • Play PC VR games inside your mobile VR headset with VRidge technology. For a fraction of the cost!

    tags: cardboardvr games htc-vive oculus-rift-support streaming-game
  • Jaunt VR

  • Jaunt VR let's you experience video in immersive virtual reality.

    tags: videos virtual-reality stories
  • LightVR

  • LightVR is a virtual room simulator with a 360° desktop for the HTC Vive.

    tags: virtual-reality htc-vive vr-desktop
  • Simple VR Video Player

  • Watch your videos in virtual reality with Simple VR Video Player, an easy to use video player with a full motion controller interface. Simple VR Video Player can play your saved video files with 2D/180°/360° and 3D/SBS/OU support.

    tags: video-player virtual-reality vr-video vr-video-player
  • Skydiving Virtual Reality 360º

  • Did you Experience the jump out of a plane? From helicopter? If not’ Now you can! Download the Skydiving Virtual Reality 360º Experience to immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality, for free.

    tags: video-streaming vr-apps vr-video

  • SPACE is a multi-tasking, VR desktop for Windows PCs. It's a computer operating environment for the future of work; a virtual reality application which allows users to view, manipulate and interact with multiple screens of any content (e.g. web pages, videos, native Windows apps, 3D models) within the VR headset without the constraints of a physical monitor.

    tags: htc-vive oculus-rift-support virtual-reality vr-desktop
  • VaR's VR Video Player

  • VaR's VR Video Player is the ultimate VR player for virtual reality and 3D videos that gives you full control and supports all modes.

    tags: video-player virtual-reality vr-video vr-video-player
  • VR Cinema Hall

  • VR Cinema Hall lets you watch videos on your mobile device in virtual reality.

    tags: video-player virtual-reality vr-video vr-video-player