Astropad alternatives

  • Duet Display

  • Duet makes your iPad and your Mac more powerful together. Slide Mac apps to your iPad as a second display. No lag, Duet helps you multi-task and work faster with more screen space. It doesn't require internet, just plug and play to get started and you can use the iPad's touch display too. Draw on the screen, produce beats with midi boards, design on the iPad and more.

    tags: multiple-monitor-support screen-mirroring second-display tablet-pressure-sensitivity
  • TwomonUSB

  • Smart devices become monitors by connecting them to a PC via USB! The Convenient Connect TwomonUSB

    tags: android-apps mac-apps dual-monitor monitors dual-screen
  • Inks and Pens

  • Inks and Pens is a natural media drawing app.It reproduces the feelings of drawing tools: B&W pencils, coloured pencils, felt-tip pens, ball-point pens, fountain pens, oil pastels, inks ans brushes …

    tags: art brush calligraphy colors inks
  • Tayasui Sketches

  • Sketches is a perfect mix of beauty, simplicity and power, a truly unique combination you won't find anywhere else.

    tags: apple-pencil canvas illustration layer-support no-distraction
  • Concepts

  • Concepts is the digital design sketchbook of the future. It’s powerful, flexible and smart, so you can go from quick sketches to beautiful and precise illustrations in a single app. Concepts is made for iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro w/ Apple Pencil so your sketchbook is always ready. Enhance your creative capabilities with our infinite canvas, flexible multi-touch shape guides, completely adjustable vector strokes, and the ability to export in powerful formats like SVG or CAD. Once you learn to use Concepts, you’ll never want another sketchbook again. »

    tags: design drawing educational illustration
  • Procreate Pocket

  • Procreate Pocket is a feature-rich painting app designed exclusively for iPhone. Quickly get started wherever inspiration strikes with everything you need to create stunning paintings, drawings, and illustrations.

    tags: 3d-touch digital-painting illustration layers paint-brushes