<<PARA>>The LDS Church History Department’s traditional functions of acquiring, cataloging, preserving, and sharing materials include web/web-published content, such as web sites, blogs, social media, etc. The World Wide Web (Internet is temporary by nature and web/web-published content can change, move, or disappear without notice. For this reason the LDS Church History Department maintains The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Web Archive to preserve, not only official LDS Church web/web-published content, but, also selected third-party content whose owner grants permission for inclusion in the Web Archive. The Web Archives includes selected web/web-published content of enduring historical, cultural, and social value fo

Archive-It alternatives

  • Wayback Machine

  • Browse through over 150 billion web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago.

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  • (previously named allows you to "take a photo" of a webpage that will always be available even if the original page changes or is deleted.

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  • Time Travel

  • Browse through billion of web pages archived from 1996 from several services : Internet Archive Waybackmachine, Archive-It, British Library,, GitHub and many more!

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  • Competitor Screenshots

  • Daily screenshots of thousands of top Internet websites. Desktop and mobile screenshots taken. Ability to request any site to be added to the archive on an ongoing daily basis.

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  • Stillio Automatic Screenshots

  • Stillio is an automatic screenshot service. With Stillio you can make daily screenshots of webpages to create, manage and share a pixel perfect archive of websites and social media channels.

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