Smart exception tracking and analysis for Ruby, Clojure, JavaScript, Java, Haskell, Node.js and Go.

/ install the client: `npm install yeller_node` / import the library var yeller require('yeller_node' / make a client

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Rollbar collects errors that happen in your application, notifies you, and analyzes them so you can debug and fix them. JavaScript, Ruby, Python, P...

tags: crash-reporting error-reporting error-tracking real-time-monitoring web-log-analyzer
platform: Online Android Ruby Python .NET Framework JavaScript PHP Ruby on Rails Node.JS


## Stop hoping your users will report errorsSentry’s real-time error tracking gives you insight into production deployments and information to repr...

tags: crash-reporting developer-tools error-detection error-logging error-reporting
platform: Online Self-Hosted

New Relic

Pinpoint and solve performance issues in your Ruby, Java, .NET, PHP and Python apps with real user, application and server monitoring.

tags: apm application-monitoring cloud-monitoring end-user-monitoring performance-monitoring
platform: Online


Airbrake collects errors generated by other applications, and aggregates the results for review.

tags: server-monitoring errors
platform: Online Ruby on Rails


RapidSpike is an uptime and performance monitoring service for websites and web applications. It simplifies monitoring, alerting and reporting to s...

tags: domain-stats load-testing monitoring public-status-page real-user-monitoring
platform: Online


SessionStack helps you see your web app defects through a user’s eyes.

tags: crash-reporting debugger developer-tools development error-logging
platform: Online Self-Hosted


IQLECT is the creator of Ampere, a real-time big data analytics platform. Various apps for data center infrastructure monitoring, clickstream analy...

tags: data-analysis dcim event-processing infrastructure-management log-analytics
platform: Online

Rainforest QA

Software companies are adopting fast-moving development methods like continuous integration and continuous deployment, but QA testing has remained ...

tags: automation continuous-delivery continuous-deployment continuous-testing crash-reporting
platform: Online


Web operations for development teams release tracking, error logging and team collaboration that you can set up in minutes.

tags: error-logging
platform: Online


Golang exception monitoring and profiling for the go language.

tags: error-log-management error-logging error-management error-monitoring error-reporting
platform: Online


You can send any type of event to your Exceptionless dashboard. Create tags for organization, and you've got a robust event logging system!

tags: debugger development error-logging error-reporting error-tracking
platform: Online


Honeybadger is the modern error management service for rails

tags: developer-tools exception javascript logging rails
platform: Online