Yasminoku is a sudoku game, generator and solver created by Joan Alba Maldonado on 25th of July... Created by Juan Alba Maldonado

* play multilingual version play multilingual version * **Old** 0.25a version * English language yasminoku_025a_english.zip download english version _(10.57 KB_ * Spanish language yasminoku_025a_spanish.zip download spanish version _(10.49 KB_ * Unnofficial translations (some modified: Chinese simplified, Czhech (3 translations, French, German (2 translations, Hungarian and Portuguese yasminoku_025a_unofficial_translations.zip download spanish version _(310.46 KB_ * **New** 0.75a version (multilingual: Catalan, Chinese simplified, English and Spanish * Original (browser compatible with PhoneGap Build] new/yasminoku_075a.zip download Original (browser compatible with PhoneGap Build ] version yasminoku_075a.zip ] _(56.71 KB_ * Microsoft Windows 32 bit in

Go to yasminoku.tuxfamily.org

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A modernization of the classic DOS game Scorched Earth 'The Mother Of All Games' on which... Created by Gavin Camp

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