Solve plane problems with elements: bars, beams, triangulars and space problems with elements: bars, beams, rectangular element for the calculation...

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Structurix alternatives

Analysis for Windows

Powerful Finite Element Analysis package for 2D and 3D constructions (frames and trusses)

tags: structural-analysis
platform: Windows


Free Windows structural civil engineering software 2D/3D

tags: structural-analysis
platform: Windows


Interactive structural analysis program that provides preprocessing, analysis, and postprocessing capabilities.

tags: structural-analysis
platform: Mac OS X Windows


Tailored for 3D linear structural analysis, and the frame element includes options for Saint Venant torsion, warping torsion, geometric stiffness, ...

tags: Discontinued structural-analysis
platform: Mac OS X Windows Discontinued


SourceForge presents the Estru3D project. Estru3D is an open source application. SourceForge provides the world's largest selection of Open Source ...

tags: developers development engineering gnome projects
platform: Windows Linux


Finite element analysis of 3-dimensional structures made of bars, designed for use in civil engineering.

tags: civil-engineering structural-analysis three-dimensional
platform: Linux


Spreadsheet Template for Structural Engineering (FEA Analysis for beams, trusses, 2D-frames). It makes possible to create your own parametric model...

tags: structural-analysis
platform: Windows Linux


SourceForge presents the FEMTA project. FEMTA is an open source application. SourceForge provides the world's largest selection of Open Source Soft...

tags: structural-analysis
platform: Windows


Free software for static and dynamic analysis of 3D moment-resisting elastic frames and trusses. Written in ANSI C. Source code includes: frame ana...

tags: spreadsheet comma-separated-values structural-analysis
platform: Windows


SAS-CIVIL is intented as a finite elements menthod software, with application oriented to civil and structural engineer, it is designed in two modu...

tags: civil-engineering structural-analysis
platform: Windows