Y PPA Manager!

Y PPA Manager is a GUI tool to add, remove, purge, list and search for Launchpad PPAs. It works with Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Latest version is 3.23.3 * simple-scan-3.23.3.tar.xz https://launchpad.net/simple-scan/3.23/3.23.3/+download/simple-scan-3.23.3.tar.xz
release tarball released on 2016-12-12 All downloads https://launchpad.net/simple-scan/+download
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Go to https://launchpad.net/y-ppa-manager

Y PPA Manager alternatives


Launchpad-Getkeys is a script (comes packaged in a .deb) that automatically imports all missing GPG keys, even if you're behind a firewall. It was ...

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Introduce PPA

The program saves you from having to open the console to add a new PPA. You can add the new repository in two ways. Introducing the ppa and then th...

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This command line tool can be used to add a GPG key to your APT key ring.

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