Enable users to share music and videos LIVE with others people on customizable channels. Have a real musical conversation with friends or strangers...

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Crowd-driven music discovery! The easiest way to enjoy & discover great music.

tags: collaborative-playlists grooveshark music-player music-streaming
platform: Online


Collect and share all the music you love from any source but reunited in the same place.

tags: chrome-extension music-discovery music-search music-sharing music-streaming
platform: Online iPhone


Listen to music together. Discover new music and awesome people that share the same taste in music as you.

tags: Discontinued internet-radio music-discovery music-streaming online-radio
platform: Online Discontinued


Listen Online your Favorite Tunes

tags: biography discography lyrics mp3 music-collection
platform: Mac OS X Windows Online Android Chrome OS Kindle Fire

Sync Video

Ever wanted to watch a video on YouTube or Vimeo simultaneously with your friends, who are not exactly sitting next to you?Well, now you can!

tags: chat-rooms chrome-extension firefox-extension integrated-chat synchtube
platform: Online Google Chrome Firefox


Musiqpad is a social-music software platform for users to host their own ‘pads’ (rooms). Each individual pad will do the hosting and you will be ab...

tags: Discontinued internet-radio music-discovery music-streaming
platform: Online Self-Hosted Discontinued

Jukebox is a social media player that lets you create a collaborative music room in seconds. Share songs across limitless people, devices and speak...

tags: music-discovery music-player music-streaming music-with-friends share-music
platform: Online


Watch YouTube collaboratively with others online, synced to the second! Create your own room and join a room and invite others.

tags: integrated-chat no-registration video-synchronization watch-videos-together youtube
platform: Online YouTube


Ampz is an unofficial 8tracks client for Mac.

tags: Discontinued 8tracks-client internet-radio music-discovery music-streaming
platform: Mac OS X Discontinued


Search and listen to millions of freely available songs, without ads! Browse by genre to find the most popular current hits.

tags: download-music free-music internet-radio listen-to-music music-discovery
platform: iPhone iPad

the largest FREE music listening platform on the planet.

tags: create-playlist music-discovery music-streaming share-music
platform: Online


The best music comes from personal recommendations. Don't just send links to your favorite songs — Play them for friends live! Lisn lets you play y...

tags: chat-clients messaging music-discovery music-streaming playlists
platform: iPhone

Juicebox lets you watch YouTube online with other people, with a special focus on music. Join in on the chat and discover new music.

tags: create-playlist listen-to-music music-streaming real-time-collaboration synchtube
platform: Online YouTube is a free website giving you the possibility to create your own webradio.Based on comunity broadcast, the goal is to share music, listen...

tags: broadcasting community-based music-streaming webradio-service
platform: Online


Heartbeat is a Mac menubar app that lets you enjoy Spotify music together with friends in real time.

tags: music music-with-friends
platform: Mac OS X