Jukesy is an application that helps you watch music videos from YouTube. With Jukesy, you can create playlists, discover new music, listen to your ...

You will need version 4 or higher of `firefox` https://www.mozilla.org/firefox
to run Pencil as a Firefox Extension. Linux users will need version 4 or higher of either `firefox`, `iceweasel` or `xulrunner` https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Projects/XULRunner,
or version 25 or higher of `palemoon` https://www.palemoon.org/.
The Windows installer and OS X archive has everything you need built-in. Windows, Linux, OS X & Firefox Packages are available for download from the Releases Page https://github.com/prikhi/pencil/releases.
You can also install the Firefox Add-on from the Mozilla Add-on Repository https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/pencil-prototyping/.
To install the OS X package, unzip the archive and copy the `Pencil.app` folder t

Go to https://github.com/adrianbravo/jukesy

jukesy alternatives


Spotify is a commercial music streaming service providing digital rights management-restricted content from record labels including Sony, EMI, Warn...

tags: Portable create-playlist dark-theme ifttt-integration integrated-search
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android iPhone Blackberry Chrome OS Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Apple TV OpenPandora Kindle Fire MeeGo Fire TV Adobe Flash Player


Pandora Radio is a free (ad-supported) internet radio founded in 2000. Using the Music Genome Project, over 400 attributes of songs are analyzed in...

tags: internet-radio music-cloud music-streaming personalized-recommendations
platform: Mac OS X Windows Online Android iPhone Blackberry Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Apple Watch Apple TV Kindle Fire


Deezer is a free (paid for mobile devices) web based streaming music service. You are able to create playlists, listen to Deezer's online radio and...

tags: chromecast-support ifttt-integration internet-radio music-catalog music-library
platform: Online Android iPhone Java Mobile Blackberry Windows RT Windows Phone iPad Kindle Fire

TuneIn Radio

With TuneIn Radio Mobile, your mobile device becomes the radio. Take your stations and programs with you wherever you go. Listen to Pearl Jam on KR...

tags: chromecast-support fm-radio-support internet-radio location-based music-streaming
platform: Online Android iPhone HP webOS Blackberry Windows RT Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Apple Watch Android Wear Kindle Fire XBMC Media Center


Libre.fm is a project to help you keep track of what music you like and share that, with your friends, discover new music, and meet new people who ...

tags: music-discovery music-streaming share-music
platform: Online


We're on a mission to build the biggest and most comprehensive music database and marketplace. Imagine a site with discographies of all labels, all...

tags: buy-music marketplace music-discovery music-library online-service
platform: Online


Jamendo is a community of free, legal and unlimited music published under Creative Commons licenses. Share your music, download your favorite artists!

tags: creative-commons download-music music-discovery music-search music-streaming
platform: Online Android iPhone Blackberry


A self-hosted, web-based application for stream your music, everywhere.

tags: web-based music-player music-streaming
platform: Linux Self-Hosted


Jango internet radio is all about making online music free, easy and fun. Just type in an artist, and your first free internet radio station starts...

tags: internet-radio music-streaming online-music social-applications
platform: Online Android iPhone iPad

Digitally Imported

Digitally Imported is a multi-channel internet radio service specialising in Electronic Dance Music genres. Filling a global niche for EDM broadcas...

tags: internet-radio music-streaming streaming
platform: Online Android iPhone Blackberry Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad


The “RadioSure” gives you the smoothest radio listening experience. The main rule is – it should be simple, reliable and should just work.

tags: Discontinued Portable internet-radio music-streaming ogg
platform: Windows Discontinued


Myspace gives you free access to the world’s largest digital music catalog. Listen to tracks from your favorite artists and discover new music alon...

tags: social-network music-streaming internet-radio
platform: Online Android

Screamer Radio

Screamer Radio is a free internet radio client with recording abilities. It is able to play back streams using WMA, MP3, Ogg Vorbis or AAC streams ...

tags: Portable internet-radio radio-player radio-recording streaming-audio
platform: Windows


Crowd-driven music discovery! The easiest way to enjoy & discover great music.

tags: collaborative-playlists dubtrack.fm grooveshark music-player music-streaming
platform: Online


Earbits is an online radio platform designed to make it dead simple for artists and music lovers to find each other, and create meaningful connecti...

tags: classical-music commercial-free commercial-free-radio dance-music electronic-music
platform: Mac OS X Windows Online Android Chrome OS