jMemorize is written in Java and uses Leitner flashcards to make memorizing facts not only more efficient but also more fun. jMemorize manages your...

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jMemorize alternatives


Anki is a program which makes remembering things easy. Because it is a lot more efficient than traditional study methods, you can either greatly de...

tags: customizable flashcards-learning integrated-search memorization memorize
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android iPhone BSD iPad


Tinycards is a learning and memorization app from Duolingo . Learn almost anything with delightful, animated decks. Create your own decks and share...

tags: flashcard-maker flashcards-learning
platform: Online iPhone

Discovery FlashCards

Discovery FlashCards is a unique free program that can help you study. It has many great features with many improvements coming. The program is des...

tags: flashcards-learning
platform: Windows

Purrfect Memory

Use Purrfect Memory to memorize anything you can type. A subtle yet powerful menu bar app, Purrfect Memory reminds you to practice and memorize phr...

tags: educational flashcards-learning memorize
platform: Mac OS X

VocApp flashcards will let you learn and remember vocabulary, phrases and sentences with minimal effort.

tags: educational flashcards-learning learn-a-language memorization memorize
platform: Online Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad


FullRecall is a software that can help you memorize the knowledge for lifelong periods with the minimum time investment. Underlying artificial neur...

tags: Portable educational memorization study
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Windows Mobile Android


Voc2brain is a vocabulary trainer with concept of allowing users to learn words in an easy and efficient way. The software assists users with retai...

tags: flashcards-learning languages vocabulary
platform: Windows Linux

Fresh Memory

Fresh Memory is an education application for studying languages with Spaced Repetition method and flashcards. Its primary purpose is to study and r...

tags: flashcards-learning learn-a-language memorization spaced-repetition-system
platform: Windows Linux


FluxCards is a flash cards app that provides, spaced repetition learning, create, edit, share card sets, import from, a widget to see w...

tags: flashcards-learning leitner spaced-repetition-system sync-between-devices widget
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Android


Revisy simplifies and speeds up your learning by intelligently choosing what to revise based on your current level of understanding.It is the quick...

tags: Portable educational flashcards-learning memorization revision
platform: Online Android iPhone Chrome OS Windows Phone iPad


WordsKeeper is a simple web application for foreign language learners. It lets you build your own vocabulary, use definitions, examples, antonyms, ...

tags: educational flashcards-learning languages learn-a-language memorize
platform: Online


Pauk is based on the well known 6 Level Flashcard System according to Sebastian Leitner. You can use Pauk for all subjects which require factual ba...

tags: elearning-platform flashcards-learning spaced-repetition-system
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux iPhone


Pauker is an intelligent

tags: Discontinued flashcards-learning java leitner spaced-repetition-system
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Discontinued flashcards

Learn and memorize anything through spaced repetition and active recall with the flashcard app. Forget about going through notepads, me...

tags: Discontinued educational flashcards-learning games gamification
platform: Android Android Tablet Discontinued

Flashcard Hero

Flashcard Hero is a study app that lets you make your own flash cards and take the pressure out of test preparation. It keeps track of what facts y...

tags: flashcards-learning
platform: Mac OS X