Zorbie gets out of prison, and hes hungry. Help-him hunt some birds with his axe, throw it in the sky, let it bump on those damn fowls but avoid breaking your face with it when it falls down. Features : A super loser hero 6 freaky different levels 7 dumb huge bosses 30 Power Ups (including 9 weapons to unlock) 75 missions Online leaderboards via Game Center Police, ...

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  • The pink office lady from Kero Blaster takes center stage as the protagonist and player character.
  • Overcome foes, jump to evade danger and save the young Shopkeeper from the clutches of UFOs By fulfilling certain conditions, you can unlock an additional Hard Mode.
  • A short, fun game that can also be used to familiarize oneself with the play-style of Kero Blaster.
  • Don't Look Back

    Out There Chronicles - Ep. 1

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