Timyo email!

Works with any email providers: Gmail, Exchange, Office365, Outlook.com, iCloud, Yahoo and IMAP providers We believe that happiness starts with being in control of your own time. How can we do anything we like if we are constantly interrupted, constantly robbed of precious minutes of our time by the barrage of incoming communications, starting with emails?Emails are todays silent killer. Your emails are never stored with us and all communications are transmitted with encryption protocols.

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Astro: AI meets Email

*Modern features, great design: Snooze, Unsubscribe, Send Later, Email Tracking, Priority Inbox, Mute, Smart Notifications, and more. *Astrobot: First email app with a built-in chatbot, who helps you unsubscribe from emails, archive old emails, and stay on top of important messages and questions from your emails*Priority Inbox: Know which emails are most important with a focused inbox, powered by AI*Unified inbox: For Gmail and Office 365 email addresses, available on Mac, iPhone, and iPad*Slack integration: Add Universal Search across Slack and email to Astro, share and forward emails from Astro to Slack, and manage your email inbox from Slack*Astrobot Voice & Amazon Alexa Skill: Read, manage, and reply to emails by talking to Astrobot, directly from the app or from your Amazon Echo*Fast Company: This email app uses AI to keep your inbox under control. Gmail(TM) is a trademark of Google Inc. Office 365 is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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Astro: AI meets Email alternatives


Master your inbox with the most powerful email productivity app - all from a simple, beautiful interface. Polymail is the modern email client, redesigned.- Unlimited email tracking - know exactly when and by whom your messages are read. - Snooze emails to be read later, when you need them.- Schedule emails to automatically be sent later - whenever you want.- Calendar integration makes it easy to schedule meetings over email.- Detailed contact profiles give you everything you need to know about who youre emailing.- One-tap unsubscribe removes unwanted spam in an instant.- Attachment and Click tracking - get notified when your recipients download your attachments or click on your links.- Activity Feed - see all your message tracking activity in a real time feed - Quickly organize your inbox with customizable swipe actions.- Push notifications and background mail syncing keep your inbox always up to date.- Unified inbox and search across all your accounts.Polymail is the first mail app I genuinely love- Matthew Hussey, Editor-in-Chief of The Next Web

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Simpliday All-In-One Calendar

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Mailtemi | (Ads supported)

Set up multiple email accounts with your iPhones native iOS email inbox styling. Mailtemi connects your Gmail, iCloud, Hotmail, Yahoo , Outlook and all IMAP email accounts into a single inbox that looks and feels like your native iOS email app. PRIVACYWe store nothing outside of your iPhone.

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  • version 2.7.9
Mailtemi | (Ads supported) alternatives

Canary Mail - Encrypted Email

If you think you can buy Canary and forget it, forget it. It is so delightful to use and behold, we bet you wont go back to your boring old email app again. CANARY FEATURES AT A GLANCE Excellent performance with small disk footprint Know when your emails are read, with instant notifications Pin important emails to the top of your Inbox, eg, your ticket before your flight Snooze emails to handle later, with customizable wake times Unsubscribe with one tap Choose the right signature via an easy swipe Choose to be notified of important emails only Focused Inbox and auto bulk mail cleaner Powerful natural language search End-to-end encryption with PGP, and Keybase integration Google Drive and Dropbox integration for sending large attachments Support for most IMAP providers, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Fastmail, etc Support for Gmail labels and categories, eg, Primary, Social, etc Support for Exchange (if IMAP is enabled on the server)NOTES: Canary does not store your credentials or access tokens on our server New mail is fetched from your iPhone and stored on your iPhone To receive notifications, please enable notifications, background app refresh, and do not force quit the app by swiping up

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  • version 1.12
Canary Mail - Encrypted Email alternatives


We have a different way of doing email. Alto goes beyond the typical inbox by providing intuitive organisational tools and features like Cards and Stacks that automatically highlight the most important and timely information. Many More Features Supports Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook.com, iCloud, AOL, Office365, Exchange and any other IMAP accounts Supports English (US and UK), Spanish, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Japanese and Korean Device calendar integration Full cloud syncing across multiple devices Push Mail (if supported by provider) Unified Inbox Folder access Mark as Spam Conversation / Threaded Mode support Customisable mail preview UNDO Send, Delete and other actions Print directly from the device Interactive and customisable push notifications Signatures for each account Tablet support (including iPad Pro keyboard shortcuts) 3D Touch support Horizontal screen layout support Message Archiving Bulk Editing Rich Text composing Snooze Customisable Swipe Actions Unsubscribe from unwanted emails Access to contacts (device & supported accounts) Recent contact list Attach any pictures or file from device or stacks Share mail and stack content with any app on the device TouchID protection Fully featured web version

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  • size 131 MB
  • version 3.1.1
Alto alternatives

File Manager - Folder Plus Lite

The ability to use multi touch to quickly move between viewing and editing files is also very good if youre willing to utilize it. - Touch ReviewsFolder Plus is an In-App Multitasking Capable File Manager/Viewer/Editor, with 3-Finger Swipes You Switch between Tasks of File Managing, Viewing, Editing, etc QUICKLYFolder Pluss Features- Total File Manager- Exclusive 3-Finger Task Switch- Lightning Fast USB File Transfer- Robust FTP/HTTP/WebDAV Sharing Server- Support Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, iCloud, OneDrive, more to come- Wide Range of Supported File Types- Document Reader- Text Editor- Audio Recorder- Simple Image Editor- Media Player- Structured Directory Browsing- View Restore of Long Documents- Zip Archiver (compress & decompress, secure with password encryption)- Long Press to Bring up Context Menu- Multiple Files/Folders Operations- Attach Files/Folders to Emails- Search- Auto Recovery of Editing Documents- Passcode Security- WiFi Authentication (FTP/HTTP/WebDAV)- User Account Manager (FTP/HTTP/WebDAV)- Send Files as Email Attachments- Open Files in Compatible Apps (iBooks, )- Open Supported Files Requested by Other Apps (Safari, Mail Attachments, )- Portrait/Landscape Support- Support Translation for Selected Text When Reading Documents (PDF, DOC, PAGES)- Support Thumbnails- Support AirPrintSupported File Types- PDF Files- Microsoft Office Files (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)- iWork Files (Pages, Numbers and Keynote)- Image Files (JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PSD)- HTML Files- Web Archives- Plain Text Files- Audio Files (MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, WAVE, AIFF, CAF)- Video Files (QuickTime, MP4, M4V, MPV)- Archive Files (.zip/.cbz, .rar/.cbr, .7z/.cb7; handle passwords, splits)Supported File Operations- Folder/Sub-Folder Creation- Text File Creation/Editing- Image File Creation/Editing- Audio Recording Creation- Take Photos & Video- Import Photos & Video from the Photos App- Export Photos & Video to the Photos App- Open as Text File- Move/Copy/Zip/Email/Delete on Single/Multiple File(s)/Folder(s)- Folder Merge during Copying/Moving- View File/Folder Properties- Rename Files/Folders- Search Files/Folders- Search within SearchUSB Transfer Client- Folder Plus USBRecommended FTP Clients- Cyberduck- Filezilla- Windows ExplorerRecommended WebDAV Clients- Mac OS Xs Finder- Windows Explorer- CyberduckRecommended Browser for Web Transfer- Chrome- Safari- Firefox* All listed clients/browsers can be thought of file manager apps as well running on desktop to manage the files off deviceWiFi Transfer RequirementsA WiFi connection is required to transfer document files between Folder Plus and FTP/HTTP/Web clients(In this lite version, only the first 5 items in every folder can be directly opened)More features are on the way

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  • size 33.2 MB
  • version 2.5.3
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Tips and Tricks for New iPhone 6

Master your new iPhone 6 and learn everything you wanted to know about iOS8 Step-by-step you will learn how to work with this awesome gadget from Apple - from basic settings to best apps for your needs. Our lessons are easy-to-follow, not very long, universal, and cover not only iPhone 6 features, but general ones as well. Be prepared - we are going to learn a lot of things How to set Password on iPhoneHow to set Auto-Lock on iPhoneHow to Activate Airplane Mode on iPhoneHow to protect your iPhone from theftHow to Change Default Ringtone on iPhoneHow to Change Volume on iPhoneHow to set iPhone to Vibrate OnlyHow to Enable LED Flash when iPhone is RingingHow to Block a Contact on iPhone (Calls and SMS)Interactive notifications on iPhoneHow to setup Autosuggest on iPhoneThe usage of Siri and Spotlight recipes on iPhoneHow to Scroll on iPadHow to Lock Screen Rotation on iPhoneHow to set Alarm on iPhoneHow to Make Voice Notes on iPhoneHow to Use Notification CenterHow to Open and Use Control CenterHow to Use iPhone as FlashlightHow to Use Location-based Reminders on iPhoneWhat some Bluetooth Icons MeanHow to Activate and Use Siri on iPhoneHow to Connect to Wi-Fi on iPhoneHow to Sync Gmail Contacts with iPhoneHow to Sync Facebook Contacts with iPhoneHow to Sync Outlook Contacts to iPhoneHow to Delete Duplicate Contacts on iPhoneHow to Edit Contacts on iPhoneHow to Send an SMS to a Group from iPhoneHow to Make Conference Call on iPhoneHow to Reject Calls on iPhoneHow to Add Apps to Your iPhoneHow to Arrange Icons on iPhoneHow to Delete Apps on iPhoneHow to use Health app on iPhoneHow to Use Twitter on iPhoneHow to Use Skype on iPhoneHow to Use Video Chat (Facetime) on iPhoneHow to Use Google Maps Offline on iPhone or iPadHow to setup location-based Lock Screen and quick access to apps on your iPhoneHow to set up Multiple Email Accounts on iPhoneHow to set Default Email on iPhoneHow to set up IMAP for iPhoneHow to Send Email from iPhoneHow to set up and Configure Hotmail on iPhoneHow to Attach Files to Email on iPhoneHow to Email Multiple Photos on iPhone or iPadHow to get notifications for important emails on iPhoneHow to Switch to Front Facing Camera on iPhoneHow to set timer in camera of iPhoneHow to use focus control in a camera of iPhoneHow to Post Photos to Instagram on iPhone or iPadHow to Edit Photos on iPhone or iPadHow to Photoshop a Picture on iPhone or iPadHow to Use Years, Moments and Collections on iPhone or iPadHow to manage your photos on iPhoneHow to Make Music Playlist in iPhoneHow to Shuffle Music on iPhone or iPadHow to Play AVI files on iPadHow to Edit Video on iPhoneHow to Capture Video and Upload it to YouTube from iPhoneHow to record a time-lapse video on iPhoneHow to hide images from Photos app on iPhoneHow to scan a credit card in Safari on iPhoneHow to request desktop version of a website in Safari on iPhoneHow to disable notifications from a single app on iPhoneHow to use an iPhone as Wi-Fi HotSpot plus instant HotSpot featureHow to Change iPhone BackgroundHow to Change Date and Time on Your iPhoneHow to Change Keyboard Layout on iPhoneHow to Change Language of iPhoneHow to Make Ringtone for iPhoneHow to Change iPhone NameHow to Use Private Browsing on iPhoneHow to Take Screenshot on iPhoneHow to Record a Conversation on iPhoneHow to Scan Barcodes via iPhoneHow to Add Bookmarks on iPhoneHow to Access FTP Server on iPhoneHow to Set Auto-Brightness on iPhoneHow to find out which app is drying the most the battery of your iPhoneHow to improve privacy using Safari on iPhoneHow to improve your phone speed and use auto-deleting messages on iPhoneHow to transfer iPhone contacts to Windows PCHow to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhoneHow to Recover Password of iPhoneHow to Find UDID of iPhoneHow to Delete iPhone Backupand more

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  • version 2.0
Tips and Tricks for New iPhone 6 alternatives