Sonic Surfer!

This game reacts to your ambient noise Play Sonic Surfer when you ride the bus, at the park, in a waiting line or at other places where noise in different soundlevels occurs. Surf the waves and dont fall off your board Can you collect enough suns to stop the moonrise?Loud sounds will create big waves while quiet sound will create small waves. Keep in mind that we need access to your microphone ACTION PACKEDPlay Sonic Surfer while you are listening to your favorite music DIVERSEUnlock 22 characters Surf with Jade, Melissa, Eugene and Rainbow the Pony WINNER - BW Goes Mobil Award 2016Sonic Surfer won the first price at the category Waiting line - never bored again.

Sonic Surfer alternatives

Run Rabbit Run: Hardcore Platformer

Are you a big fan of platform games? If your answer is yes, then get your jumping skills ready for a new Super Meat Boy and Defrag(Quake3Arena) inspired platformer Run Rabbit Run Run Rabbit Run is a dangerously addicting and delightfully challenging game about a bunny angry for carrots. All this, tied together with an incredible soundtrack, delivers a mixture of blood, action, style and drive that should not be missed

  • rating 4.85714
  • size 58.2 MB
Run Rabbit Run: Hardcore Platformer alternatives

Hopeless 3: Dark Hollow Earth

The blobs are back with a vengeance Join the ride in the 3rd chapter of the indie hit series, HOPELESS A journey from the frigid poles to the center of the planet in an epic quest to rescue the remaining blobs. Unlock and collect an array of carts, cars, and tanks, and arm yourself with powerful guns to defeat the evil monsters Experience the rich environment of the Hopeless world, from dark caves to icy planes. Or is it all HOPELESS?KEY FEATURES:* Advance through the adventure cave with 55 levels * The blobs have nothing to lose :)* Buy funky hats for your cute Blobs (Hats help the blobs escape reality)* The only game where you can upgrade a pistol into an M16FOLLOW US:www.upopa.comFacebook:

  • rating 4.83333
  • size 210 MB
Hopeless 3: Dark Hollow Earth alternatives


Psebay is an atmospheric adventure in moto trial genre. EXCITING GAMEPLAY WITH DYNAMIC GRAVITYFlying over the hills and cliffs on a motorbike is surely compelling. Psebay is an adventure that will OVERTURN your perception of the genre.

  • size 110 MB
Psebay alternatives

Monster Buster: World Invasion

Outstanding monster fights with a twist on reality Monster Buster is an AR monster fighting and collecting game that takes you outdoors. Explore your city and find rare monsters from parallel universes invading our world. Become the protector of your world and a mighty champion in battle

  • rating 4.59999
  • size 177 MB
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Power Tap: Idle Clicker

More alternatives

Ancient Surfer 2

SummerTimeStudio Vol. 14 A year has passed since SummerTime Surfing began. Now, Ancient Surfer is back more stylish than ever This time, surf Earth to surf Space Ride the waves like never before in this next-gen Surfing game Game Enjoyment Move your surfer downward to pick up speed. Be careful not to bump into obstacles in the water. Gain speed and take off out of the water for jumps. Get enough hang time to pass the trick line for more stylish jumps. To complete a trick, simply follow the on-screen commands. Complete a trick, then spin some more for more points and coins There are 45 tricks in all Dont forget to stick the landing, or youll lose out on all those points With over 100 types of boards, necklaces, and wear, you can easily personalize your surfer Technical Points Collect Rainbow Coins to unlock more skilled surfers. Upgrade your board for more power Combine different items for faster surfing and higher jumps Surfs Up Minimum Recommended DevicesiPhone5iPad Air

  • rating 4.8
  • size 276 MB
  • version 1.0.8
Ancient Surfer 2 alternatives

Panda Bubble : Love Story

Panda family has just moved into a beautiful apartment and the story starts from here, this game shows the daily life of a panda. Panda Cookiehe is good at cooking and likes to sleep. A variety of free props, such as rainbow ball, bomb ball, laser line of sight, stone ball combine them for even greater effect FEATURES:- Easily control direction shoot bubbles- Thousands of great puzzle levels to explore- Free & easy to play, challenging to master - Special booster bubbles to help you pass those tricky levels.- You have a limited number of bubbleso use them wisely.- Pay attention to time, create supercharged matches, get dragon jade.- Amazing graphics, beautiful apartment, cute panda jam.- Spellbinding new game modes and cute characters - Family interactive games, you can play with kids .- Collection of dragon jade, unlock the image of the new panda

  • size 72.4 MB
  • version 1.1
Panda Bubble : Love Story alternatives

Jelly Blast Sweet Pop - Delicious Fun Gummy Match 3 Deluxe Game Free

Jelly Pop Sweet Blast is really candies saga and a new jellies meant to small individuals and all kids on the market. The main object of the game with all the best score feasible, you will be to match the same color jelly or gummy bear as rapidly while you can if you are in greater levels and also get most of the legend and diamond and jewels Desserts, ice cream macaroons are featured by the game. In case you get 5 in AROW, youre going to get a certain color blast thats not quite weak in destroying the macaron, licorice and receiving plenty of bonuses How to play - Match and crush 3 Jelly Candy Pop or more to gain new points- Crush 4 Jelly in a line to create a special candy which sends waves of lightning - Crush 5 Jelly in a line to create a multi-color blossom bomb which explodes other sweets in the game when combined and bursts lightning thunder bolts- Combine 2 special rainbow to blaze a big part of the Jelly Candy Pop - Enjoy this Jelly Pop Sweet Blast and become a master of the cookies - You will find incredible surrealism in the game FREE to play with updates including new levels, obstacles, candies, and more every week

  • rating 4.5
  • size 94.7 MB
  • version 1.0
Jelly Blast Sweet Pop - Delicious Fun Gummy Match 3 Deluxe Game Free alternatives

i Fishing Fly Fishing Edition Lite

Youve played iFishing, and iFishing Saltwater Edition, now try your luck at Fly Fishing Fish rivers and streams after species of trout the other games didnt have This is the lite version which contains 1 fishing location. Use the new BRAG button after catching a fish to brag about your catch on Facebook and Twitter Features:- Unique Create a photo feature lets you superimpose your catch over an existing photo on your device and email it to your friends for bragging rights.- 6 unlockable locations with unique real life animated backgrounds (new for the iFishing series ).- Variety of flies for each species.- Many species of trout and other freshwater fish to catch (perch, steelhead, rainbow trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout, brook trout, bluegill, rock bass)- Use the iPhones accelerometer to cast, aim your lure, and fight fish.- Exciting fish fights while keeping the line tension in check, even see them jump - Practice or Tournament modes- Trophy room to keep track of your biggest fish ever caught.- Fishing guide gives you audible advice and encouragement - Comprehensive help guide that teaches you how to fishMore RPG Games:Doodle Fishing, Doodle Chopper, Puppet Jump, Puppet Sprint, Puppet Labyrinth, Super Soccer Kick 3D, Super Football Kick 3D, Pocket Farm, iFishing, iFishing Saltwater, Dark Raider, Dark Raider S, Blue Skies 3GS, The Guy Game, The Girl Game

  • rating 3.64286
  • size 34.9 MB
  • version 2.0
i Fishing Fly Fishing Edition Lite alternatives