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Global Scrum Gatherings takes place three times a year so the Scrum Alliance community strives to make them extraordinary. Youll hear presentations from experts in the field who will inspire you with stories of success, current implementation best practices and creative applications of the Scrum framework. Youll share experiences, learn new teaching methods and return to your team energized and ready to reach the next level.

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VictorOps is a collaboration and incident management platform for on-call DevOps teams. Through a combination of increased situational awareness for all team members and tools that encourage passive engagement from relevant experts, VictorOps expedites incident resolution while improving quality of life for the individuals who keep systems running 24x7.Designed to work in conjunction with the VictorOps service, the iOS application allows on call DevOps teams to: *View a live Timeline of monitoring data that provides ongoing status updates, not just alerts when something goes wrong*Be alerted of Incidents via push notification, SMS, email or phone call*View, Acknowledge and Resolve incidents in your monitoring system from your mobile device*Acknowledge and Resolve incidents directly from push notifications without launching app*View contact information and team member presence directly in the application *Chat about issues and contribute insights, even if youre not on call*Swap on-call with the click of a button*Next on-call information readily available within the app, and using our Today Widget. *Capture resolution details to expedite future remediation and build team intelligence around healthy system behavior*Universal app works on iPad and iPhoneA VictorOps account is required to use this application.

  • size 66.9 MB
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ScrumCards is a tiny App for members of a Scrumteam. It explains Scrum in a nutshell. As a goodie ScrumCards contains a PlanningPoker game (PlanningPoker is a trademark of Mountain Goat Software Inc.) and some checklists for ScrumMaster, ProductOwner and members of the development team.

  • size 31.3 MB
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AgilePoker Lite

AgilePoker is a small application that is of use to people who work in an Agile software development environment such as Scrum or Extreme Programming (XP), using story point estimation. To use simply tap the desired card to show it, and tap again to return to the deck. trademark of Mountain Goat Software, LLCNumber Sequence 2005-2010 Mountain Goat Software, LLC

  • size 18.5 MB
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A3 Thinker

Take your Lean problem-solving and critical thinking skills to the next level. A3 Thinker will help you to systematically frame, analyze and eradicate your most critical problems in your workplace and personal life. A3 Thinkers critical thinking and Socratic questioning cards will help you eradicate problems, develop new and existing reports, facilitate and mentor.

  • size 3.1 MB
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Global Scrum Gathering Bengaluru 2016

Scrum Alliance Gatherings offer the practitioners worldwide opportunities to come together and share their passion and knowledge about Scrum, Agile philosophy and Agile methods. Global Scrum Gatherings take place only twice or thrice in an year - so the Scrum Alliance community strives to make them extraordinary. You will hear lectures, experts talks, case studies and more from Scrum practitioners and Thought leaders worldwide.

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