OpenLP Remote!

OpenLP is a feature rich open-source church presentation platform that doesnt tie you down to subscription renewals, device platforms, or even the presentation computer With OpenLP, youre free to upgrade as soon as the next release comes out. OpenLP continuously strives to deliver with excellence the technical elements of your churchs worship service. God bless you Attention Windows users Verify your firewall setting if the app not work well.

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about 2.2 vs 2.4 OpenLP 2.2.1 * OpenLP-2.2.1-setup.exe
* OpenLPPortable_2.2.1.paf.exe
* * Installer Torrents * Torrent
* Magnet magnet:?xt urn:btih:ace23e07070bb508f7af6f881ff9d71f4895158f&tr udp:// udp:// * * Portable Torrents * Torrent
* Magnet magnet:?xt urn:btih:d6c5b95778ce9bc066b9305f2da89e2b5a5ccaac&tr udp:// udp://

OpenLP Remote alternatives

VisualAudio Real Time Audio Spectrum Analyzer

VisualAudio is an acoustic analysis tool for science and engineering applications where quantitative frequency and level data are needed. In real-time analysis mode it works as both a spectrum analyzer and decibel meter. Explore phonetics and spoken words, measure the frequency response of audio equipment, or analyze animal and bird sounds.

  • rating 4.71429
  • size 45.5 MB
VisualAudio Real Time Audio Spectrum Analyzer alternatives

Live Mobile

Live Mobile allows you to control your lighting equipment remotely from anywhere. Simply enter the IP of the computer where is running the software The Lighting Controller which is driving the lighting equipment. Live Mobile automatically connects to the PC software, and it mirrors the screen called Live.

  • size 10.6 MB
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Presentation Clock

This app does one thing but it does it extremely well. If you give presentations, training, tutorials, or speak publicly, this app is for you. Fully customizable options and simple touch controls* Create and save as many timers as you want* Set time limits for color warnings to change the clock to green, yellow and red* Timers can be configured to give audible and/or vibration alerts when crossing a time limit thresholdbut if you want a completely silent countdown, thats ok too :)

  • rating 3.65217
  • size 1.2 MB
Presentation Clock alternatives

Bible Backgrounds Designer

Easily create backgrounds with bible quotes on your iPhone or iPad. Use its built in bible or enter whatever text you like Unlike other apps on the AppStore, we dont just give you stock backgrounds, we let you design your own with any verse from the bible and background images from your photos. Once youve purchased once, additional downloads on new devices will be free

Bible Backgrounds Designer alternatives

App Utility

The App Utility is a great way to access your Subsplash content. Thanks for being awesome + The Subsplash Team

  • size 17.3 MB
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