LDL-C - LDL cholesterol mg/dL!

[ Unit of measurement : mg/DL ]This application can calculate LDL cholesterol from total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and triglyceride. Its simple and very useful not only for the specialist in medicine, but also the patient who have the problem about cholesterol; especially, in many countries that use mg/dL unit as measure.

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Rain Sounds HQ: sleep aid

75Rain Sounds HQ6Rain Sounds HQ75+ 1 635 Rain Sounds HQ: http://www.rainsoundsapp.com/image-credits/

  • rating 4.81013
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ESC Pocket Guidelines

Blood Pressure - Smart Blood Pressure (SmartBP) BP Tracker

Smart Blood Pressure (or SmartBP) is a smarter way to manage your blood pressure measurements and track your progress. SmartBP is a blood pressure management app that allows you to record, track, analyze and share your Blood Pressure information using your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad devices (check compatibility requirements). Although weight can be modified for each record, it is not meant to track weight independently.

  • size 43.8 MB
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Smart Blood Pressure app

TOP Blood Pressure app in number of countries. Track your treatment quality and progress over time as well as discover unique patterns in your blood pressure. A separate device (blood pressure monitor) is required.

  • size 37.8 MB
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ECG Test - Challenge Your Interpreting Skills

Test and improve your ECG interpreting skills with 1000+ samples in static images, and real-time monitor. [What users say about us]Using this as a study guide for my paramedic. [Note] 1) All cases are stored in raw data (sample rate is 500 points per second), not static images, so you can look into very detailed waves in pixels 2) You should already have basic knowledge of ECG interpretation, and you use the cases to build a solid cardiology foundation [Findings Covered] Atrial Flutter Atrial Fibrillation Ventricular Fibrillation Escape Beat PAC (Premature Atrial Contruction) PAC Bigeminy PAC Trigeminy PVC (Premature Ventricular Contruction) PVC Bigeminy PVC Trigeminy Supraventricular Tachycardia Ventricular Tachycardia Ventricular Escape Rhythm Ventricular Rhythm QT Prolongation Short QT High T ST Elevation S1,S2,S3 Pattern High Voltage Positive T in V1 Ventricular Hypertrophy LVH Left / Right Atrial Enlargement Left Ventricular Hypertrophy Left Atrial Overload Short PR Interval WPW Syndrome Suspect WPW Syndrome AV Block I (Wenckebach / Mobitz) 2:1 AV Block Complete AV Block Artificial Pacemaker Rhythm(A / V / D) RSR Pattern IRBBB (Incomplete Right Bundle Branch Block) IVCD (Intraventricular Conduction Block) CRBBB (Complete Right Bundle Branch Block) CLBBB (Complete Left Bundle Branch Block) ICLBBB (Incomplete Left Bundle Branch Block) LAH (Left Anterior Hemi Block) LPH (Left Posterior Hemi Block) BBBB (Bifascicular Bundle Block) TBBB (Trifascicular Bundle Block) Flat T Negative T ST-T Abnormality Premature repolarization Syndrome Poor R Progression Abnormal Q wave Subendcardial Infarction Possible Anterior Infarction Anterior Infarction Anteroseptal Infarction Possible Lateral Infarction Lateral Infarction Inferior Infarction Possible High-Post Infarction Sinus Rhythm Coronary Sinus Rhythm AV Junctional Rhythm AV Dissociation Marked Sinus Bradycardia Sinus Bradycardia Sinus Tachycardia Tachycardia Bradycardia Extreme Tachycardia Extreme Bradycardia Sinus Arrhythmia

  • size 20.6 MB
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Angle Measure Tool

This application allows measurements of angles on radiographs [and clinical photos] on your mobile phonesSalient Feature :-Highly accurate digital angle measure device to measure angles in large joints, small joints and also of spine-Readings can be recorded with separate profile for each patient to keep a good record to check the sequential improvement in the range of motion at different follow up.- Excellent tool to get an idea of the angular deformities and angulations in the bones and jointsDetails:X ray Measure not only records the angular measurements but also helps you keep a record of all the readings so you can compare patients readings at various visits. Especially for surgeons and therapists who are following up a patient at regular intervals. For any issue related with the app please write to us at [email protected]

  • size 1.9 MB
  • version 1.1
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Elevated Group Collective

We at Elevated Group Collective are a for the patient by the patient non profit organization who only carry the highest quality medicine in Alameda County.

  • size 10.8 MB
  • version 2.2.2
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This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true intoxication determining functionality.AlcoholTest application is simple and intuitive but very useful to calculate an estimate of your alcohol, the effects and feelings that you take based on the amount of alcohol taken. Also with a simple tap on the where am I? shows you the location where you are at that moment (useful if you lifted a little too much to drink and do not know where you are).

  • size 1.2 MB
  • version 1.6
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Refill Due Date Calculator

The one and only app to determine when to write or fill a prescription based on the last fill date. This app will save you the time and effort associated with trying to determine when a patient can get the next fill, especially on narcotics A time-saver How many times you pause doing more important work to calculate if this patient can get this Rx filled or not? Calculate your refill due date in a second or two Please share with your staff and friends Thank you for downloading our app

  • size 0.4 MB
  • version 1.1
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Mobile application developed especially for the innovative medical thermometer RELSIB WT50, transmitting the measurement data by means of Bluetooth 4,0. The application provides the following capabilitiesThe application has two main operating modes - medical and universal and can work simultaneously with 6 thermometers. With thermometer RELSIB WT50 and mobile application THERMOMETER SMART FAMILY you can measure remotely not only body temperature with high precision but also temperature of air in a flat and outside in the street, foodstuff in a refrigerator, water in a bath, temperature under a childs clothes when strolling, and etc.

  • size 41.6 MB
  • version 1.1.18

Tox in a Box

Tox in a Box is a tool designed for clinicians in the emergency department setting to assist in the care of the poisoned patient. Originally designed for emergency medicine residents in a hard copy format, this application is useful to practicing clinicians at all levels. It is NOT a substitute for toxicology consultation but rather tool to assist in thinking about the diagnosis and treatment of the poisoned patient.

  • size 83.6 MB
  • version 1.0
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OPDM Mobility

OPDM Mobility is a free and easy to use application that helps people objectively measure their mobility. This can be especially useful to people with movement disorders (such as Parkinsons Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and others) or those who want to track the effects of physical rehabilitation or aging. This app is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease and is intended for research use only.

  • size 27.8 MB
  • version 1.4.1
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RulAR - Augmented 3D Ruler

RulAR is an accurate and free way to measure the world around you using your devices camera Scans are completed using Augmented Reality. * Measure the distance (length) of an object* Calculate the volume of an object* Calculate the capacity of an object* Calculate the perimeter of an areaYou can also choose if you wish to use the metric (metres) or imperial (feet) measurement systems The app features:- Free measurement (no in-app purchases required)- Simple to use interface- Calculate distance, volume, capacity and perimeter

  • size 9.8 MB
  • version 1.0.1
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Bond Math

This app allows users to not only calculate the price of a bond by entering its term, coupon and yield values but also to calculate the durations (i.e. Macaulay, Modified and so on). This app is very user friendly and is ideal for those who require instant bond information.

  • size 0.6 MB
  • version 1.0
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Body fat % - Percentage Calculator & BMI tracker

Body fat rate refers to the body fat weight in the proportion of the total body weight, also known as body fat percentage. To determine whether the body is overweight or obese,we not only need to measure the body mass index(BMI), but also need to measure the body fat ratio, only the body fat % beyond the normal range can be eventually identified as overweight or obese. Come to download Body Fat % right now

  • size 19.7 MB
  • version 1.0
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Resuscitation is the award-winning virtual patient simulator that makes learning medicine addictive Resuscitation gives you a case presentation of a patient who is ill, and you play the role of the health care provider. You are in control and can take a history, perform a physical exam, develop a differential diagnosis and administer therapy to treat the patients underlying problem. Awards-2013 Harvard Graduate School of Education EduScramble Winner-2013 and 2014 IMSH Serious Games Runner-up Emerging Company

  • rating 4.11111
  • size 82.7 MB
  • version 2.8
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AR Ruler - Practical AR ruler

- AR ruler is a practical mobile phone AR ruler, with the phone can measure the length anytime, anywhere.- she is simple but not simple, free and no advertising.- use simple, one step: just click the bottom of the circular button will select the screen center as a starting point, click again to confirm the end point, you can display the measurement results.- If you need to clear the previous results again, just click on the button in the lower left corner.- You can also select the length unit in the upper right corner, the default display centimeters.

  • size 9.3 MB
  • version 1.0
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PulmaCalc PPO

PulmaCalc PPO is a predicted post-operative pulmonary function calculator. This unique point of care app is ideal for health care providers, trainees and patients interested in patient centered medicine to easily calculate predicted post-operative (PPO) pulmonary function based on known pulmonary function test (PFT) values and knowledge of the extent of anatomic lung tissue removed. This application is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical care, advice or professional services.

  • size 3.5 MB
  • version 1.1
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Algotec R&D Limited

This App is intended as a patient outcomes monitoring tool, designed specifically for patients undergoing Algotec Research and Developments NeuroStimulator PENS therapy pain management procedure. During the first two weeks following your PENS therapy procedure it is very useful for your Pain Management Specialist to understand how your pain may or may not have changed each day. App contains a Geo-Fencing feature which requires location from the App for it to work.

  • size 42.9 MB
  • version 1.1
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Sensor Apps

Save money by purchasing this bundle This bundle includes: Barometer / Altimeter Magnetometer / Gaussmeter Accelerometer / GravimeterBarometer / Altimeter measures atmospheric pressure and altitude at your position. Features:- direct periodical reading of barometric pressure in hPA and mmHg- barometric altimeter- realistic vintage aneroid look- pressure/altimeter trend presented in charts- digital display- altitude in meters or feet- relative altitude measurement- absolute altitude measurementWARNING: This app only runs on devices with the barometric sensor (iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2).Magnetometer / Gaussmeter turn your device into a Magnetic Strength Meter (DC Gauss Meter).DC magnetic fields can develop in many steel or iron objects if they have been exposed to magnetic fields, current, or friction. - Analysis of magnetic circuits and components - Measurement of residual magnetis - Measure stray and leakage fields - Measurement of absolute, and differential fields - Testing, sorting, classifying magnets - DC and AC motor testing - Relay and solenoid test - Loudspeaker testNote: the measure is never 0 because there is the Earths magnetic fieldWith Accelerometer/Gravimeter you can measure the current acceleration in all three axis and the total acceleration (module).You can try it in your car to check the acceleration (try to minimize the module for better driving ).Features:- Total acceleration- Three axis acceleration- Analog/vintage display- Graphics display of G-Force vs. Time(s)- Accelerometer data in G or in m/s^2 (SI unit) - Very simple interface, nothing to configure, just download and play

  • size 3.6 MB
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