The KBMO FIT app provides personalized results from the Food Inflammation Test and Meal Plan. Instead of carrying around a print out of your results and Meal Plan from your doctor, the KBMO FIT app provides an easy to understand and always available presentation on an individuals phone

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Trusted by food-allergic diners since 2010, AllergyEats is the leading guide to food allergy-friendly restaurants across the United States. AllergyEats provides valuable peer-based feedback about how well (or poorly) restaurants accommodate the needs of food-allergic and food-intolerant guests. Please see the Dining Tips on the AllergyEats app for more detailed advice.

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Healthie- For Modern Nutrition

Introducing Healthie, your personal profile for health and wellness. Seamlessly take photos of your food, selfies (or healthies) of your body, and record workouts, metrics, and more. Its so much easier than calorie counting or keeping a food journal.Its like Instagram, but for my health.Now when I meet with my dietitian, I can easily show her my Healthie profile and we have great (and specific) discussions about mindful eating, balancing my meals, and how making small changes in my diet can have a large impact.

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DrBerg App

Welcome to the Dr. Bergs app. Now you will able to access all of Dr. Bergs knowledge all in one place. Dr. Bergs website is https://drberg.com

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Fast Tract Diet

Fast Tract Diet App helps you identify gut friendly foods versus hard-to-digest foods, track and chart your meals and symptoms, create shopping lists and quickly look up symptom potential for specific foods & drinks at your favorite market on the fly. Fast Tract Diet is based on a flexible FP point system adaptable to a variety of dietary preferences. Fast Tract Diet addresses the symptoms of Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and related digestive and general health issues including: Gas, bloating, distension and belching Cramps, abdominal pain and indigestion Diarrhea, constipation or altered bowel habits Heartburn, sore throat, sinus irritation, persistent cough, sour taste, hoarseness, lump in throat feeling and post nasal drip Respiratory symptoms Allergic and autoimmune reactionsCredits for various Icons- https://icons8.com/- http://www.flaticon.com/Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.comIcon made by Picol from www.flaticon.com

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Sift Food Labels

Your health shouldnt be a guessing game so let us navigate the sneaky label system for you. Just scan the barcode of any food product and Sift Food Labels will translate the ingredients into easy-to-understand terms. Please email us at [email protected] if you have questions or suggestions.

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FrogX Training

The FrogX Training app is a quick and easy way for ETF Fitness members to record Fit Test results and receive an 8 week personalized training plan immediately. Users can also view previous Fit Test results and update studio location as needed.

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Well Balanced Meal

Well Balanced Meal provides nutritional analysis, meal planning, and food journalling, for everybody. Plan a weight loss diet, plan a maintenance diet, watch your sodium intake, monitor the nutrients you care about. WellBalancedMeal supports Google Fit.

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Compel Fit is a professional meal planning and food and activity logging tool that can only be activated by an authorized nutrition counselor. You will have access to a personalized meal plan, grocery list, daily caloric goal and weight control goal on your Compel Fit account, which is then pushed to the Compel Fit mobile app and website. My download certifies that I have read, understand, and agree to be legally bound by these Terms.

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Team Best Mobile

Team Best Mobile allows you to synergize directly with your coach who will be able to track and monitor your comprehensive fitness plan, check-ins, and personalized fitness coaching for your strategic objectives Track your food with the food diary. Your coach will also be able to see what you are eating and make meal plan adjustments within the food diary as well Track your execution with the adherence chart. Track your progress from your phone, tablet, and the web

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Forager - The Diet Meal Planner and Tracker!

FORAGER THE DIET MEAL PLANNER AND TRACKER The original diet meal planner that shows you what to eat and how much to eat. A professional meal planner in your pocket which optimizes your nutrition and leads towards the body you want fast Access to 6 meal plans:- The Rapid Fat Loss Diet Meal Plan The 30 90 day program designed to make the fat drip off your body fast A simple but effective plan to lose 8-10 pounds in a month - The Fit Foodie Diet Meal Plan ($6.99) No restrictions on this diet Eat the foods you love and get the body you want - The Perfect Paleo Diet Meal Plan ($6.99) The Paleo Diet Meal Plan that shows you how to go paleo right now Shows you how to realistically go paleo and receive all the amazing benefits the paleo diet immediately - The Partial Paleo Diet Meal Plan ($6.99) The Partial Paleo Meal Plan that allows for cheese and beans in your nutiriton An easier to follow but equally effective diet when compared to the perfect paleo meal plan - The Vibrant Vegetarian Diet Meal Plan ($6.99) Learn how to be a fit, healthy, and happy vegetarian starting right now Perfect for Vegetarians who lead an active lifestyle and need balanced vegetarian meals now - The Vital Vegan Diet Meal Plan ($6.99) All the amazing physical and mental benefits of a vegan diet while getting enough calories and protein to maintain your vegan diet for life Each meal customized to your body, health and fitness goals, and diet style:- No matter what meals you eat at the end of each day you will reach the caloric amount based on your health goals Simply choose the food you want and eat the amount of that food the ForagerPro tell you to and you will always be on track - Meal Plans based on balanced macro and micro nutrients. - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/foragerpro/- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foragerpro/- Blog: http://foragerpro.com/Forager/blog/- Contact: [email protected]

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The Habit Personalized Nutrition app provides customized food, diet and nutrient recommendations based on your unique biology. Habit customers can use the app to walk through the Nutrition Test Kit process. Find out more at habit.com.

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  • version 3.2.4
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My FIT 24

With the My-FIT-24 App, you can track your workouts and meals, measure results, and achieve your fitness goals. With the help of your personal trainer, you will have 24/7 access to your custom fitness prescription and RD approved meal plan. Download the app today And be sure to check out our website at: www.my-fit-24.com

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Fit Meal Formula

Fit Meal Formula is a professional meal planning, food and activity logging tool that can only be activated by an authorized nutrition counselor. You can login to Fit Meal Formula by using the username and password that was provided by the counselor when your web based cloud account is set up. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE EMAIL [email protected]

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Fitness Goals Tracker & Health Habits Planner

TRANSFORM YOUR BODY, GET FIT, BE HEALTHY and FEEL GREAT Fitness Wizard is a powerful fitness and wellness system that will help you plan, act and achieve all your health related goals. The beautiful design and user friendly interface makes it easy to stick to your plan, stay active, make progress and get results. Terms of Use: https://successwizard.com/fw-termsPrivacy Policy: https://successwizard.com/fw-privacy Important Note: You must always consult with your physician or doctor before starting any fitness program.

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Sun Pathology Lab

Sun Pathology Laboratory & Research Institute is always focusing on quality testing, maximal customer benefits and committed to provide end result which is fit to the purpose to customer. It provides Personal Health record (eHealth wallet) Mobile application (Sun Pathology lab) to its customers to view the results and download/print the complete report anytime, anywhere for lifetime. Get Health education

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My Family Health History

The My Family History app from Atlantic Health System helps you understand your inherited risk for certain conditions, so that you can better manage your health. In addition to providing a centralized place to keep track of your familys health history, this helpful tool features: Risk calculators for diabetes, colon cancer and breast cancer that provide results based on the family history youve entered The ability to send your family disease history and risk calculator results directly to a doctor from your phone Access to Atlantic Health Systems Find a Doctor service, so you can easily locate a genomics specialist or primary care doctor in your area Helpful genomic and health care resources

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Diet Planner - Diet Solution

Start losing weight today with this simple diet planner Diet Planner includes a custom personalized diet system that tailors a diet to your body type and goals. Each diet plan comes with reminders and recipe suggestions that fit within your budget along with a daily plan so that you know what you need to do each day. Download the Diet Planner app today for FREE v Weight loss diet meal plan (7 Day)v Weight loss tipsv You are eating foods that burn calories v Weekly Meal Planv The calorific intake from foods is very less when compared to regular intakev Gives you results in just 7 days v List of foods for Fat burningv BMI Calculatorv Calorie CalculatorDownload the diet planner app today for free and get started on your new life

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Nutrilite W.O.W. by AMWAY is a comprehensive, holistic, personalized weight management program based on the research of NUTRILITE scientists supported with INDIAN expertise on weight management. Personalized AssessmentComplete your Personalized Lifestyle Assessment and get the personalized results, Diet plan, Food & Diet exercise

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Be part of a wonderful group of individuals with unique, yet in many ways similar, stories and struggles. In the coming weeks and months, you can get to know other members to get (and even give) much-needed support. Add food items and App will calculate the meal plan with calories in them for you

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Top Health Coach

Top Health Coach provides personalized meal plans for humans that have goals and want to grab life by the plums. Whether youre the soccer mom, nostalgic High School athlete or a weekend warrior, your meal plan is customized to your body and lifestyle, evaluated each week, with your health in mind. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE EMAIL [email protected]

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  • version 2.7.8
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