Infinite Runner Starter Pack!

You are a young middle age archer who is running in a subway style dungeon on a fast horse. As a dungeon hunter, you have to tackle all obstacles and fires while running and shooting with arrows. FEATURES:- Real 3D graphics and environment.- Accurate shooting.- Infinite run- Leveled system- Double gaming system- No connectivity required while playing.- Addictive, loving & fun.- Sounds On / Off button display.- Multi-touch enabled.

Infinite Runner Starter Pack alternatives

3D City Run-The world's most classic Parkour game

From the maker of a 3D games team comes the most amazing running game on the app store. Try flying in the sky, running, accelerating on a platform made of streets and buses in the exciting city of Hong Kong. Give us feedback so we can make it better Thanks

  • size 84.2 MB
3D City Run-The world's most classic Parkour game alternatives

Subway Surf Arcade Endless Run - GO Skaters Rail

Surfing, running, dashing as you like. Railing along the exciting temple and subway scenes with different objects. You can choose to resume or play the game from start- Do not miss out the free special items along the game

  • rating 4.2923
  • size 304 MB
Subway Surf Arcade Endless Run - GO Skaters Rail alternatives

Ancient Persia Solitaire

This it is a solitaire game where you have to use the 52 cards of the deck to clean the board cards. Challenge awaits you in this magical Solitaire game .The goal is to play cards one higher or lower and clear the cards off the board. CHALLENGES Among the 160 levels available to play, you would find several missions such as: Have a sequence of an number of cards Obtain a points Find the card-key to open the lock Solve the game in an amount of time Get a golden card by having a sequence of 5 cards Solve 2 rounds of the gameFEATURES Experience a new way of playing Solitaire with rich and exotic graphics set in Ancient Persia Transport to magical new worlds and surpass the missions of game Easy and fun to play, challenging to master Hundreds of adventurous levels to complete Solitaire Prince Saga doesnt only involves luck but the skill of selecting the necessary cards to solve the game

  • rating 4.4
  • size 35.4 MB
Ancient Persia Solitaire alternatives

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Legend Archer Safari Hunting

We invite you to safari hunting adventure into forest of the legend archerCome ancient, sort of a real hunter, proving your archer skills, stalking your prey, and putt your shooting skills to hunt wild animals. Find your prey with help of horse and take safe position for accurate archer shoot, if animals saw you they attack on you and you lose mission and game over, so grab your archer master skills and prove themFEATURES- 3d safari environment- bow and arrows skilfulmake use of realistic flight physics and defend yourself - Master your multifarious looking missions - defend yourself from animals Play the complete game for free

  • size 176 MB
  • version 1.0
Legend Archer Safari Hunting alternatives

Lion Hunting -ultimate hunter edition Games

Line Hunting GamesIf you are fond of hunting game or have ever been a hunter, so you will enjoy to play this awesome Lion Hunter game. Here is a Lion hunting game on ios. hunt more lions you need best and accurate firing skills, focus on the object, make a quick and sharp decision in this action game.key features: - Real 3D jungle environment.- Easy to control and multiple touch enables.- Addictive and full of fun game.- No connectivity required while playing.- Stunning animal fighting animations to enhance your gaming experience.

  • size 153 MB
  • version 1.1
Lion Hunting -ultimate hunter edition Games alternatives

Dragon Jump FREE

Play now and enjoy the fast-paced infinite running of Dragon Jump [Break away from your boredom 3 distinct features of Dragon Jump ]Save Dragons girl friend by infinitely running and earning money Move away from boring jumping games Easy control system of maneuvering Using movement buttons (jump, left, right) dodge obstables and show off your quick reaction With alternating normal jump and double jump, see various action and effects of adorable characters Various obstacles per stage Feel the thrill of dodging various obstacles that threatens your character Depending on the map you are on, see the changes in obstacles and watch out for the killer obstacle that will end your game instantly Bring your focus into the game Escape danger using various situational items The item system Look for a way out of danger with 7 different (cash) items including wing, ghost, destruction, fire, shield, magnet and mega-coin [Game Features] HD Graphics : Graphics suitable for HD devices such as iPad and iPhone 3 different characters : Infinite running of various characters (to be included with updates) Maps with personality (to be included with updates) Intriguing systems- Game center real-time ranking system- Mission system in game Bouns points will be earned by purchasing the paid version only. [Requirement]Tested under iPhone 3GS,iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (4GS) and iPad, iPad2iOS 4.2 or aboveContact : [email protected] / Website :

  • rating 3.85714
  • size 22.7 MB
  • version 1.2
Dragon Jump FREE alternatives

super jungle adventures run

super jungle adventures run is super platform games that combines old school game play with modern playability.super jungle adventures run is designed for every body who love adventure games .be careful A lot of troubles, enemies and traps are waiting for you in jungle wonder world Jump and run with Hero over obstacles, fight against bees, snakes, snails and a lot of other monsters and dragons, climb up huge stairs and mountains, swim through dangerous seas and explore a lot of jungle, castle and wonder adventure worlds. If you are fan of platform classic games .Features of super jungle Adventures:+ 4 different addictive worlds+ 8 awesome boss fights (angry scorpion, dangerous spider, bee golem and crocodile boss) in 8 different castles+ many power ups, bonus levels, hidden blocks and bonus items+ over 20 different, great animated enemies such as crocs, frogs, spiders, snails and many moreAbout The Game : This game is easy to control but super addictive too Like mario side scrolling adventure that will rock you through 80 levels of challenging running and jumping and shooting .This retro-gaming classic will turn your dog loving heart on end To play you simple touch the screen to jump and touch quickly twice to double jump. You can jump over your enemies and shot to kill them and your goal is to guide super max run to the end.

  • size 73.4 MB
  • version 1.0
super jungle adventures run alternatives

Super French Vs Zombie Adventures

Super French Vs Zombie World Run is a super addictive game similar to most popular game super oscar world French discovered a great World in the jungle castle run , Yet finding such an old artefact got him into trouble and now max needs your help to put an end the the curse. About The Game : classical retro game with motu patlu as super hero it combines the classical gameplay of retro games and some new skills of the mobile gameplay with Awesome levels that we made for you This game is easy to control but super addictive too Like mario side scrolling adventure that will rock you through 80 levels of challenging running and jumping and shooting .This retro-gaming classic will turn your dog loving heart on end To play you simple touch the screen to jump and touch quickly twice to double jump. You can jump over your enemies and shot to kill them and your goal is to guide super max run to the end.

  • size 81.0 MB
  • version 1.0
Super French Vs Zombie Adventures alternatives

Island Adventure - Amazing Bananas Super Kong

All you Island Adventure out there, get ready for the most exciting jungle ride ever If you loved playing Island Adventure, and Island Adventure game, youll have a blast with * Island Adventure* Our monkey friend Bobo is on a rescue mission, and he has to run, jump and swing on vines through 5 islands to save the love of his life Get on a never-ending run, and make our little monkey go happy Download *Island Adventure* and have one hell of a running quest through the monkey jungle island + Dodge mad gorillas with spears+ Avoid angry baboons boomerang attacks+ Keep the jumping monkey away from piranha plants Fast paced swinging adventure + One thumb tap and slide controls - Intuitive and responsive controls for the best game experience+ Run through astonishing jungle wild environments full of surprises, secrets and tricky obstacles+ Jump and swing on vines to avoid deadly obstacles+ Crazy jungle music and funny monkey sounds+ More powerups: Shield, Coins Magnet, and Double Coins+ Explore 5 new Adventure:- Island Adventure- Savanna Island- Jungle Island- Temple Island- Volcano Island+ Run and collect coins to dress up monkey kong in the craziest costumesJoin the jungle monkey running quest for the most insane platform gaming experience ever seen in a 2D platformer Show youre a real adventurer, and dash through the jungle in this awesome banana mania monkey game Battle the evil gorilla king Kong, beat all his baboon minions, and go on a banana collecting mission to be the hero of the day Meet Bobo McMonkey Despicable monkey king Kong has kidnapped Bobos girlfriend Lily and wants to make her his jungle queen Run, jump, and smash the obstacles on your way to save the love of your life from the claws of the evil king But, beware His devious baboon minions are everywhere, and they are fully armed and dangerous + Angry baboon enemies fully equipped with crazy jetpack rides + Dangerous spikes trying to stop you from saving your girlfriend + Make monkey swing from vine to vine like Tarzan, and get on banana rush Keep running like hell and get mega combos in this thrilling and fun side-scrolling adventure game for kids Collect coins and buy cool stuff for our jungle monkey jumper + Visit the shop and buy cool clothes and powerups+ Collect rubies, sapphires and emeralds, and smash barrels to complete missions + Keep your eyes wide open and collect as many bananas as you can Bobo the Swinging Monkey Go on a banana hunt and join our crazy jungle party in this amazing monkey kick off jungle saga Run and dash all across the monkey island to kill as many angry baboons and mad gorillas While you dash through the jungle, swing on vines to avoid deadly obstacles and complete levels Ape escape 3 Bored by old grannies, zombies, and other monsters on their temple races? Get on a super fun monkey joyride and fly like a bird through the jungle village You will get crazy in this endless parkour jungle adventure This monkey game for kids is fun for adults as well because of its challenging missions, and stunning game level designs If youre addicted to free running games, youll instantly get hooked on this addictive banana adventure Banana frenzy is raging all over the world, get this monkey jump saga and let the jungle fever get to you Enter the jungle survival, unlock new worlds, get a cool superhero mask and beatem up in this jump n run quest Run, monkey, run Get on banana rush and enter the worl of fast-paced 2D platform monkey racing and jumping games Download *Banana Adventure* and get ready for the gorilla revenge Mega monkey banana quest is waiting for you Battle the flying baboons, and beat the angry gorilla king in this epic jungle monkey saga to be the baddest monkey in jungle Get this fun run side-scroller arcade game for kids and adults, and save your girl from the monkey temple

  • size 275 MB
  • version 1.0
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