Hashtag Saver!

Save hashtags across social media platforms for future viewing. What was that hashtag that was used last year at your friends wedding? Now you can easily remember which hashtags were used; and there is a direct link to it on the most popular social networks.

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Manage or create your WordPress blog or website right from your iOS device: view stats, moderate comments, create and edit posts and pages, and upload media. All you need is a WordPress.com blog or a self-hosted WordPress.org site running 4.0 or higher. Visit the forums at https://ios.forums.wordpress.org or tweet us @WordPressiOS.

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Hashtag - Tags for Get Likes

Our free and fashionable hashtags will let your Instagram post have more views, likes and followers. Give it a try Are you on social media apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus? Use our Hashtags for Followers, you deserve more focus on Instagram

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Crowdfire is your super-smart marketing sidekick that will help you grow online everyday. Millions of small businesses, artists, writers, influencers, sellers, freelancers, and self-employed individuals use Crowdfire to go big on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Wordpress, Etsy, Shopify and more platforms. Read our terms of use: https://www.crowdfireapp.com/tosRead our privacy policy: https://www.crowdfireapp.com/privacy

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Hootsuite - Social Media Tools

Share and schedule posts from your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts all from one app. Hootsuite is the worlds most popular social media management app and is FREE for up to 3 social network accounts. Questions?Twitter: @Hootsuite_HelpFacebook: http://facebook.com/hootsuiteMore info:Terms of service: https://hootsuite.com/legal/termsPrivacy policy: http://hootsuite.com/privacy

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Buffer: Manage Social Media

Save time and manage all your social media in one place. Buffer is a simpler way to schedule posts and track the performance of your content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+.No more wasting time, no more logging into multiple social accounts. Privacy Policy: https://buffer.com/privacyTerms of Use: https://buffer.com/termsDo you have any questions for us?Email: [email protected]: @bufferFacebook: http://facebook.com/bufferappInstagram: @bufferPinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/bufferapp/

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Fleaqr is a social network aimed at sharing better photos, creating beautiful memories and sharing your best moments with the world with the help of our custom crafted image editor, filters and stickers . You can also follow and see fleaqs from other users and save or share your fleaqs on other social networks. Some of the basic functions include- Creating fleaqs- Saving your fleaqs and that of other users- Sharing your fleaqs and that of other users on other social media platforms- Blocking users from viewing your profile- Reporting fleaqs you find offensive- Editing fleaqs with our custom editor and filters*Many more functions to discover yourself*

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Hager Group Annual Report 2014

The future is what we make of it This is the message that Hager Groups Vorstand gave at the last Symposium in October 2014.This message is also the central theme of the new Hager Group Annual Report. And the future that is talked about is not far ahead of us, it starts now The world is constantly changing; as a result there are also big changes ahead for Hager Group. In the Report, you will also find the companys facts & figures, current news and the link to Best of 2014 - highlights from last year.

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Ocean Dots!

Ocean Connect The Dots is here You remember sitting there. Your head was fuzzy, you were dazed, maybe even confused about what was happening. What players are saying: The only thing that got my co-worker and I got through a horrible 2 hour web conference As the mother of 4 very active boys, this is a game that not only keeps them quiet and engaged but even the 5 year old can play Love the ability to choose what character I can be I dont get many chances to play video games with my teenage son, but this one works for us Turns my iPad into quiet book

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LDS Dots Game

You remember sitting there. Your head was fuzzy, you were dazed, maybe even confused about what was happening. Buy LDS Dots Game What players are saying:The only thing that got my co-worker and I got through a horrible 2 hour web conferenceAs the mother of 4 very active boys, this is a game that not only keeps them quiet and engaged but even the 5 year old can play Love the ability to choose what character I can beI dont get many chances to play video games with my teenage son, but this one works for usTurns my iPad into sacrament quiet bookCheck out our other apps on the web:http://www.ironrodsoftware.com

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Small Block Chevy Casting Numbers

Ever since the Creation of the Iconic 265 Small Block Chevy V-8 in 1955 there has been many variations of this design. With so many combinations of Bore and Stroke, Valve Sizes, Crank Styles and Intakes that were used it is hard to know exactly what you have in your hands at the Swap Meet or while checking those CLAIMED Numbers Matching Auction Vehicles. This has NO connection to a useless app that was offered a year ago.

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Workshop, a multi-label store that gathers different fashion brands for both men and women under one roof, the brands of which are designed, manufactured and distributed by Reno (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Workshop is a fashion gold mine that offers the best of styles, of the most fashionable You can easily download and scan print medias that was marked by Workshop Brand and you will be astonished with the contents that was never before been seen with the naked eyes There are many other cool features as follows:-Connects you to VDO for more detailed information as needed-Able to link to Websites anytime you want-Able to share to your favourite Social media networks such as Facebook to introduce your friends to this Application-Able to show exact location and contact directly-Easy to use User Interface that clearly conveys your messagetrends and for reasonable prices, to quench the desires of fashion people. Workshop Brand brings you the new experience with the advance technology of Augmented Reality. Should you want to use the AR Features, please select the AR menu and it will open up as camera view for you to scan marked print media until it is clearly shown on your screen, or scan the image that is located in this link and then be AMAZED (WORKSHOP) () Workshop Brand application scan Workshop Brand features - -Link Website - Share Social Media Facebook Application - -User Interface download install app iPhone iPad OS 6.0 application AR feature AR Workshop Brand Augmented Reality Workshop

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  • version 1.1
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My PinPal

If youve ever thought about what will happen to your Social Media content when youre no longer around to update it then PinPal is just for you PinPal allows you to pre-arrange for someone to control of all your Social Media at the point in the future, when youre no longer around to do so. As the digital footprint that you leave behind may be around for years, decades or even centuries, available to be accessed by future generations, assumptions will be made about the kind of person you were, based on your Posts and Likes. It should not beused with any information which could have any financial implications

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The perfect companion app for Sendible, enabling you to easily manage your social media from anywhere. You must have a Sendible account to use this app. Sendible is the leading social media management platform for SMEs, corporate marketing teams and digital agencies that helps you post, schedule and monitor over 20 key platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google+.Use the Sendible App to: - Access the power of Sendibles social media management tool from the palm of your hand - Schedule updates to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and more - Manage all of your social networks in one app - Post updates on the go - in real time or schedule for later - Shorten and track links with bit.ly, goo.gl and is.gd - Monitor mentions and sentiment of your brand across the entire social web - Track fans and follower growth, clicks, reach, referrers, shares, comments and much more - Measure the effectiveness and engagement levels of your individual posts and social profiles

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Keep your kids entertained with a fun play idea for any situation There are more than 400 different play ideas which users can tailor to their needs in terms of location, childs age, number of children and time periods- making play time that little bit easier for parents and carers. The Make Time 2 Play app is a fun and easy way to find activities to inspire your kids during play time- including lots of games you will remember as a child. New social media pages to link through to A chance to review the app once you have used it

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  • version 1.3
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Mona Foma

Mona Foma, the Museum of Old and New Arts Festival of Music and Art, is heading into its ninth year as an international attraction in Hobart, Tasmania. Download the app for the full 2017 program. The app includes: Searchable listings of Mona Foma events Browse by event or date Purchase tickets on your phone An interactive map (woo) A personal planner (fun) The ability to easily share events across your own social media networks Quick access to FAQs Plus some other stuffThe Mona Foma app was designed by Mona (mona.net.au) and built by Art Processors (artpro.io)

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GetION App

GetION is built on new-generation coding frameworks which provides Healthcare professionals with powerful access to auto-promote their content online across all relevant social media platforms instantly with just a tap from their smart phones. There are thousands of patients searching for health solutions online and your next expert health tip can give them proper guidance and build their trust on you. Key Reports:visitor engagement on your websitesocial platform sources of your users before landing on your websitetotal views and comments on your published posts.city-wise analysis of your user basetop keywords used to search your presence onlineand these are just a few

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Walk2view is a social network of spherical photography and virtual reality, which also allows you to create easily, quickly and visually, spherical images. Share the experiences with your family, friends and people in general, and do not only that they see them, but that they live them as if they were there. They surely appreciate it - Enjoy all your panos with virtual reality experience using you favorite VR glasses (Cardboard, Oculus, Samsung, etc)- Share your experiences on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and all the other social networks you use

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To put it lightly, Prominence is a game changer. Prominence is an innovative platform to run, monitor, and help optimize social media campaigns across multiple networks with our one-of-a-kind contest feeds. There are 20 levels on the way to the top, so get posting and watch the likes pour in Prominence is 100% the best App that has ever been created -Our ParentsIf I knew what social media was, I would be all over Prominence -My GrandmaI hate Prominence, its no fun at all -Nobody EverIcon CreditFlamingo, Otter, Trophy, and Hourglass Icons made by www.freepik.com from www.flaticon.comUsers Group Icon made by www.zurb.com from www.flaticon.comChecked Box Icon made by www.elegantthemes.com from www.flaticon.com

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MarketWatch - News & Data

The MarketWatch app for iPhone and iPad delivers the latest business news, financial information and market data to your fingertips. Download the MarketWatch app for:- Breaking news stories, videos, and in-depth analysis- Latest market data, including: index movements, stock prices, and other key securities information- Receive market-moving alerts on your mobile deviceMarketWatch features include:- Business News & Analysis * Latest stock market, finance, business and investing news from MarketWatch * Article headlines and images are featured along with real-time market data for each relevant ticker * Personal finance, investing, technology, politics, energy, retail and retirement planning news and insights. You can add multiple personalized watchlists, which can be viewed at any time across devices and platforms- Article Sharing and Saving Capabilities * Save stories to read them at a time that is more convenient for you * Instantly share stories via social media, text message and email or save them for later viewing

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LocYu Parking

Forget the annoying and distressing situations in which you do not remember where you parked your car. Some of the next situations sure sound familiar you :- Was this the floor where I left my car ?- Was I parked here today or last week?- What is the best path to go to my car ?LocYu Parking is an application that automatically (or manually ) saves the spot location where you parked your car in an indoor parking lot. Otherwise, you can always enter the car position manually very easily.

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  • version 3.4
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