GunBird 2!

The King of shooting flying game, GunBird 2 Please try it for free Features- Unique characters and interesting story Each character has own story and special endingGun Birds infinite attraction different to other simple flying game- Fun from endlessly unfolding various stage Various stage formats with all around the world as a background - Fantastic partner flying like double players gameIf you purchase a partner, you can fly with two character by yourself - Harmony of splendid lethal move and powerful skillEach character has own lethal move which can activate at the critical moment - The levels can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages 3 levels available for everyone to enjoy- Giant boss that fills up the screenVarious bosses appear at every stage How to playSlide screen: Moves characterTouch skill button: Fires close attack by using a part of gauge collected on the topTouch skill button for long: Fires long distance attack by using the gauge collected on the top. Touch bomb button: Blocks enemys bullet by using bomb. Facebook: :

GunBird 2 alternatives

Tangled Up! - Valentine Special

Tangled Up is the story of two electric charges Positive Charge & Negative Charge who are paired by an electric string. One day the string that bonds them together gets tangled up and theyre unable to unite Seek the help of your best pals Batteries and apply the physics based principles of magnetism to solve this challenging game. - 180 puzzling levels played through 3 marvelous game modes.- Explore 4 exciting locations with outstanding HD graphics- Spin and unlock power-ups - Unlock a wide range of customization for the characters- Find collectible hidden photographs

  • size 192 MB
Tangled Up! - Valentine Special alternatives

Bullet Hell Monday

A bullet hell shooter- Enjoy an authentic bullet hell shmup on your smartphone - Recommended Chapter mode for danmaku beginners.- Recommended Challenge mode for danmaku expert.- Huge content: over 50 stages Upgrade your ship- Use the points you earn after playing a stage to level up your ship - Take your new and upgraded ship to the challenge mode Aim for a high score Chapters- Clear the missions set for you in each chapter - Clearing missions opens up new stages - Use the points you get in the chapter mode to upgrade your ship Challenges- The challenge mode is for when you really want to test your mettle - Upgrade your ship and take on this mode - Select from EASY, NORMAL, HARD, and HEAVEN difficulties - Test the limits of your skill Endless- The endless mode that lasts forever.- How long can you survive in the increasing difficulty?Aim for the top slot in the rankings - Challenge mode has Game Center support - Try going against your friends for the best score - Rankings are sorted by stage and difficulty - Try perfecting your favorite stage or try to beat all the rankings

  • rating 4.92856
  • size 90.5 MB
Bullet Hell Monday alternatives

Dungeon of Gravestone

Dive into dungeon and fight death in this new RPG In this world nothing awaits you but death. Dying, resurrection - vicious circle for those who aim at depths of the dungeon. In game purchase system allows one to pay for items in order to make it easier to clear game or pay to remove automatically played ads.

  • size 82.1 MB
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Air Penguin Puzzle

Enjoyed by over 40 million players throughout the world. Hes back with easy to play puzzle game Enough of same old 3-match puzzle game Join Air Penguin and his friends and defeat the evil sharks Up, Down, Left, and Right? - Collect various Supporter Cards Facebook: :

  • size 387 MB
  • version 1.0.5
Air Penguin Puzzle alternatives

Minesweeper King

Addictive Minesweeper To challenge the master of Minesweeper. Easy difficulty for everyone and can paly getting difficult by next stage. [Features]- Stage mode have 1000 Levels- Master mode have hardcore Stage offers- Mission for have to find 600 bomb in Master mode- Multiplayer: Online 1:1 Minesweeper match- Special system of opening the map when press number- Hints items daily attendance compensation- leaderboards, achievements support- Tablet devices supportFacebook:

  • size 24.2 MB
  • version 1.1.1
Minesweeper King alternatives

Jigsaw Puzzle World!

Fit together the puzzle from random pieces of puzzle[Game Features]- Offer various level (9 pieces,25 pieces, 100 pieces, 225 pieces)- Piece of picture able to rotate- Support taking picture and load from owners device- Charged picture is free who attend every day- Support Real-time multiplay- Support leaderboard about record achievements by battle with other users- Support 16 languages- Support Tablet deviceFacebook: :

  • size 32.5 MB
  • version 1.0.8
Jigsaw Puzzle World! alternatives

Bubble Shooter King 2

Overcome different challenges and obstacles in all levelsPop the bubbles and clear the missions for every level along the way. Overcome different challenges and obstacles in all levels[Game Features]- 3 different modes for all stages, Time Mode, Move Mode and Arcade Mode- Collect variety of items with stars earned from each game play- Upgrading bomb with different abilities- It is composed with more 270 stages, and it will be updated more and more- Supports your ranking, achievement- support all tablet devicesFacebook: :

  • rating 4.55556
  • size 120 MB
  • version 1.4
Bubble Shooter King 2 alternatives

Jewelry Blast:ZOMBIE DUMB

Find jewelries in the same color Brain Training Puzzle Game Pop the gems by simply touching when they are in match This puzzle game provides various and fabulous stages and missions like Spider web elimination, Dice removal and Bubble Cleaning ANYZAC, ZOMBIEDIMB All rights reserved. ANYZAC/SKB/KBS/SBA, All rights reserved. Feature- Tons of stages- Auto-play supported- Simple control & easy game play- Various gaming exp with multiful gem combinations.- Arcade mode: Race to the top record - 1 on 1 multi-player (Versus mode): Compete with players from all around the world - Leader board, Achievement & Friend invitation supported- 16 languages supported- Tablet device supportedFacebook : :

  • size 33.5 MB
  • version 1.0.4
Jewelry Blast:ZOMBIE DUMB alternatives

King of Darts

Lets try for real classic dart and extraordinary trick shots. [Support rules]301501Half-ItRound the ClockStandard CricketCount UP[manual]select play mode which you wantdrag and slide to throw darts[feature]- Classic mode: Play the classic darts of the various rules- Stage Mode: dart board with a variety of trick shots- Multiplayer: Online War together with the world- Invite a Friend: Invite your friends over for a possible war online- Practice Mode: Practice mode for beginners darts- Supports 16 countries language.- Support achievements, leaderboard and invite friends.- Supports multiplayer.- Support tablet device.- Offline mode supportTry the real challenge now 3D darts simulation Facebook: :

  • rating 4.4
  • size 97.8 MB
  • version 1.0.2
King of Darts alternatives

King escape!

The Keep on past the bullets flying at a very high speed Rules It not hit the bullet, please run away run If dash gauge became full, you can prevent the attack only once You get few scores by your dash, But it is dangerous, so please be carefulYou got to be able to move the control pad Special Thanks Music material(

  • size 7.4 MB
  • version 2.0.1
King escape! alternatives


Dodge the barrage of unpredictable bullets 1 on 1 survival shooting game in an enclosed cage. Trapped in a stage blocked by walls in all 4 directions. Fight enemies while using the 2 automatically switching attack modes (Reflect and Absorb)ControlsPlayer MovementSwipe within the screenAttack(Reflect or Absorb)[Reflect]Tap the Action button right before the enemy bullet hits[Absorb]Hold down the Action button then the Attack Gauge is charged to MAX Fire a powerful charge shot that increases in power based on the amount of absorbed enemy bullets.

  • size 167 MB
  • version 1.0
CAGE HUNTER alternatives

Fishing Hook

Enjoy the real catching fish experience - If you pull the button, it gives the fish damage and brings fish to you.- If you push striking pin with tension gauge, you can reduce the great distance between fish.- If you release the challenge fish, you can catch stronger and more expensive challenge fish next time.- You can enjoy playing the game without using data since it uses low capacity and it doesnt require network connection.- Fishing Hook is a fishing game for you to enjoy the feelings of real fishing as it is. Game Features1. Supports tablet devicesFacebook: :

  • rating 4.5
  • size 166 MB
  • version 1.6.3
Fishing Hook alternatives

Jewelry Blast : Pucca

Find gems in the same color and pop them with a touch Burst the gems by simply touching when they are in match This puzzle game provides various and fabulous stages and missions like Dice elimination, Spider web elimination and iceberg removal PUCCA2000 VOOZ Co.,Ltd. A Licensing Program of VOOZ[Feature]- Tons of stages and missions.- Auto-play supported- Gem combination system that helps users to resolve puzzles and stage missions.-The most user oriented UI supported- Arcade mode: Race to the top record - 1 on 1 multi-player (Versus mode): Compete with players from all around the world - Leader board, Achievement & Friend invitation supported- 16 languages supported- Tablet device supportedFacebook: :

  • size 32.3 MB
  • version 1.0.2
Jewelry Blast : Pucca alternatives

Ball Hop King

The best 3D graphics, most realistic physics, most addictive game play It is so much real arcade-like gaming experience. Swipe the call and put it in the hole. With coins earned by playing the game, Make your own ball collections and roll them again [Feature]-Beautiful 3D graphics-Most arcade-like gameplay (Old School Arcade)-Realistic physics by the advanced game engine.-Various & different 26 balls-Achievement, Leader Board Supported-16 language supported-Tablet devices supported[How to play]-Swipe the ball toward wherever you want to move.-Earn scores when your ball roll into the holes and each hoop have their own score tag.-The game is over when you use up balls in your inventory.-Challenge again for higher scoreFacebook : :

  • size 107 MB
  • version 1.0.3
Ball Hop King alternatives

BlockSink i

In a world where the sinking entirely, so you survive long at any one second while riding in a block of various form of falling from the top Character Dari sinking into the sea, game over, only blocks piled Once crushed to block, level and score will become higher and higher. Operation is simple, you can move the character easily. You can avoid it by flying triangle block of the gap in these and surpassed in the finishing move the situation that seems to be crushed in the block, so you Kirinukeyo cool without meaning Because it corresponds to the net rankings, to Prove the proof that surviving in this world together

  • size 8.6 MB
  • version 1.11
BlockSink i alternatives

Samurai Turtles Fight - Shadow Street Shooter

The world is now at the brink of chaos and destruction after a siege by a mysterious evil. A hero must rise to embark on a treacherous journey to defeat the evil forces and protect the world from aliens. How to Play :* Simply use the navigation button to move* tap the attack button to hit enemies* tap jutsu button so you can use skill power to destroy all enemiesFEATURES :13 character to unlock4 world locations to unlockNice and Friendly User InterfaceEasy to Play and ShareCool Effect with super skillsEasy and Simple to playFlexible moving and game playEnergy blasts and wavesStunning graphicsA lot of bosses and fighters

  • size 18.9 MB
  • version 1.0
Samurai Turtles Fight - Shadow Street Shooter alternatives

CIRCLE : multiplayer 2D battle action game

CIRCLE is a 2D action gameRED is a symbol of enemy, but also RED is power for BLUE.Defeat RED, Power up using RED, Defeat more RED cooperate with your friends FEATURES * Destroy enemies as many as possible* Power up your character* Destroy more enemies as many as possible with your powered up character * multiplayer using wifi or BlueTooth* Clean UI HOW TO PLAY To Move, Tap and slide your finger on the LEFT side on the screen. To Attack, Tap on the LEFT side on the scree. To Attack strongly, Long tap and detach on the LEFT side on the screen.

  • size 11.7 MB
  • version 1.0.0
CIRCLE : multiplayer 2D battle action game alternatives

Zombie Reborn

The zombies are reborn In Zombie Reborn, take your place in a crowd of rampaging undead as you race through the town attacking the unfortunate survivors and adding them to your unstoppable throng of hungry, hot-footed horrors. Its a Zombie Reborn out there, and everyone is invited Features:- Full AI control zombie- High quality graphic 3D- Easy to control character- Have rifle, grenade, bomb to attack zombiesGuide to play:- Click to fire button to attack zombie- Touch move on screen to change view- Keep distance with zombie to avoid attacked

  • size 125 MB
  • version 1.0
Zombie Reborn alternatives

Paw Puppy adventure Patrol

Paw Puppy Adventure Patrol is the fantastic magic world, and this game tells the epic adventure story of paw patrol character, it combines the classical gameplay of retro games, all of which are super famous, and own ten millions of fans around the world. How to Play:* Simply use the navigation button to move* tap the attack button to hit enemies* tap Jutsu button so you can use skill power to destroy all enemiesFEATURESEasy and Simple to playFlexible moving and gameplayEnergy blasts and wavesStunning graphicsA lot of bosses and fightersNice and Friendly User InterfaceEasy to Play and ShareCool Effect with super skillsThis game was made by MHTeam Developer as fun. This Game has no relation with paw patrol cartoon, we are not the makers of the cartoon and we dont claim any relation with them.

  • size 52.0 MB
  • version 1.0
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Galactic Iron Wars Free

Galactic iron Wars is 360 degree shooting game. Beat the enemies by using strong weapons and barrier which absorb the enemys attack.# Features-Massive amounts of explosion show unexpected exciting stage.-360 movement are available by 360 degree control-Absorbing the enemys attack by barrier, then you can charge the energy to use the special weapon.-You can enjoy various 30 levels. (5 levels are available in Free Edition)

  • size 15.4 MB
  • version 1.0.4
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