Clappy - yoga timer and meditation hands free!

Just place your device wherever you want at any distance, clap hands or click your tongue and start training. Clap again to stop or start the next exercise. Clappy does the magic FEATURES: Customized train schemes in Multitimer mode Mode Voice to pronounce name of current exercise Mode Stopwatch Mode Continuous training Manual setting of sensitivity Elegant and easy to use interface with awesome themes and animations Training reminderLets CLAP :)

Clappy - yoga timer and meditation hands free alternatives

Timerlist - An Interval Timer for Yoga, Running, Cooking, Meditation, Workouts, Training, Practice Tests, and Much More

Featured by Apple in over 150 countries Gizmodos Favorite App of the Week A beautiful and easy interval timer for your iPhone that works just like a playlist. Replace your 7 Minute Workout, Yoga, and other specialized apps with Timerlist Elegant, strong, accurate. Write us at [email protected] or visit us at:

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Timerlist - An Interval Timer for Yoga, Running, Cooking, Meditation, Workouts, Training, Practice Tests, and Much More alternatives

Samadhi - meditation & relax with no efforts

Meditation is a powerful energy source. Every day millions of people around the world meditate for better health, peace of mind, to become more effective, successful and happy. But remember Samadhi is not responsible for the result and the correctness of meditations

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Samadhi - meditation & relax with no efforts alternatives

Zenso Meditation Timer

Zenso is a simple meditation timer app with a twist. Instead of just a countdown timer, Zenso draws an animated Zen Enso (circle) as the session time elapses. I have other features that I left out of the initial release and may begin charging for the next version.

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Zenso Meditation Timer alternatives

Yoga Plus - Stretching Excercises & Workout Videos

Chakra Yoga and Meditation

Chakra Yoga and Meditation is one of the few apps that combines Yoga Poses, Breathing Exercises and Meditation into one. Chakra Yoga and Meditation helps you to work at a very deep spiritual level on your Chakra system. FEATURES- About 100 Poses, Breathing Exercises, Chakra Meditation and Meditation music.- Use the Suggested Chakra Sequence or Create your own.- Save your own sequences so you can play them over and over.- Customize every Asana, Prana or Chakra Meditation with your own repetitions and time settings.- Take the Chakra Quotient test to understand how your Chakras are doing.- Learn about the Chakras using the book.- Use the graphs to see your progress from anywhere between 1 week to 6 months.- Use the Settings screen to customize anything from volume to selecting the background images.- Post your achievements to Facebook, Twitter or send an email to your friend about the app.- Earn Lotuses as you keep using the app to enable unlocking more exercises.

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Chakra Yoga and Meditation alternatives

More alternatives

Snap Clap - Free Hands Selfie Photographer for Any Moment

Fed up with missing on pictures because you have to click the shutter button? With Snap Clap your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will become your personal photographer Just place your device wherever you want, join your friends and clap hands. Your photo is ready Simple steps to capture the best moments of your life Snap Clap does the magic FEATURES: Fast last photo share to Facebook via camera swipe (paid feature) Take pictures with the back and the front camera Set the timer Edit photos and adjust them to your own liking Share your photos with friends via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter and others Own library Manual setting of sensitivity Crop tool Camera grid Feature hand Selfie picture with friend Audio photographyIf you are HAPPY using our app, please kindly give us rating on App Store, we will be happy too If you want to relish and share every single moment spent with your nearest and dearest, dont miss that chance and grab the experience with Snap Clap CLAP AND SAY CHEEEEESE

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  • version 4.1.4
Snap Clap - Free Hands Selfie Photographer for Any Moment alternatives

Workoutclub - The best workout app for HIIT workouts

The Workoutclub App is here to help you feel & be fit again. Workout after workout you will see the results. Download the app and start your first HIIT training The Workoutclub offers: - Daily new HIIT workout in 3 levels - Video explanation of each exercise of the workout - Voice-over indication for each exercise so you can workout with your earphones - No need for timers - Countdown timers covering the individual exercises and the total HIIT circuit - Next exercise indication so you know what to expect - Anytime, anywhere - train at home or outdoors - Choose between no equipment needed workouts or dumbbell workouts - For beginners and pros Always 3 levels of workout - choose between workouts on your mobile or on your desktop

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  • version 2.0.2
Workoutclub - The best workout app for HIIT workouts alternatives

Gorilla Weight Lifting: Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Strongman, and Strength Training to get Swole!

If you have goals to get bigger, stronger, faster, and to have a perfectly sculpted physique then its time to go full beast mode with Gorilla Weight Lifting From the makers of the critically acclaimed and best-selling fitness app Gorilla Workout comes Gorilla Weight Lifting: Your accomplice and trainer for in-the-gym and at home resistance training. Customized Program for Your Goals: - Choose a goal: Pure Strength, Hypertrophy (gain muscle size), or Toning - Then choose how many days a week youd like to train: 3, 4, or 5 - Tap next and Gorilla Weight Lifting will tell you what to do every day for the next 3 monthsProgram Features: - Get detailed instructions, lifting tips and techniques through text and real-life video, motivational quotes - Guidance through warm up sets and working sets - Constantly varied routines through each week to stop any muscle plateaus from occurring - Varied approaches to rep and set schemes like super sets, drop sets, giant sets, dynamic effort days, maximum effort days and many more (youre not going to get bored )Exercise Features: - Over 125+ weighted and body-weight exercises used throughout all programs - Every exercise has a real-life person performing the exercise with thorough instruction on proper form and executionSignature Workouts: - In addition to the main programs Gorilla Weight Lifting also offers specialized programs for specific goals like Beastly Bench Press, Super Strength Training, Monster Mass, and Fat Burner - New Signature Workouts are constantly being added and improved on

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  • version 1.10.0
Gorilla Weight Lifting: Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Strongman, and Strength Training to get Swole! alternatives

MoveUpBase - A sport GPS day book

Keep an eye on your training history and track your distance-based workouts in one place. Either create new activities from scratch and type in infos from your sport watch and other sources or start the GPS tracker and record your workout. GPS Tracker- Review your trail and altitude profile - Stopwatch or Timer mode (for time controlled activities such as fitness tests)- GPS tracker configurable with or without maps for a better visibility of your metrics while exercising- run in sleep-mode to save battery lifeYour Data- annotate your track and select an activity icon- manual entry or GPS-tracker recording- fully flexible with your data (add, edit or delete at any time)- Stat module providing year and month summary of activities, distance, exercising time and percentage per activity, etc- Multi-user (up to 3): Personalized with you picture, name and settings- Manual entry of calories and average heart rate: complement your cardio-watch- Export your data in a CSV file and open your activities in a spreadsheet (Most spreadsheet applications can open and format CSV data)Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life The GPS-trail will be stored for distances between 0.18 and 77.7 mi (0,3 and 125 km).

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  • version 2.3.0
MoveUpBase - A sport GPS day book alternatives

WORKIT - Workout Tracker

Train hard and train smart, workout with WORKIT as your premier workout tracking application. Ditch the pen and the notebook because WORKIT is faster, easier and more convenient. -WORKIT is a robust and easy to use workout tracker for gym and home workouts-WORKIT has everything you need to create routines, log workouts, and analyze/visualize your progressFeatures:-Create and customize programs, daily workout routines, and exercises-100s of exercises included with HOW TO descriptions, animations, and YouTube video links-Get started with popular programs (Stronglifts, Starting Strength, PPL, etc) or make your own-Supports both Strength training and Cardio workouts and exercises-Quick and easy methods to log exercises and take notes-Rest timer and Stopwatch-Statistics and One Rep Max data to help you analyze your progress-Graphs, and Muscle Charts help you visualize your progress and find areas of improvement-Calendar history of all your exercise logs-Export exercise log data and view as spreadsheet-Backup and restore your data via iCloud-Metric/Imperial settingsPRO Features:Body Stats-Log your bodyweight, body fat, and other body measurements-Automatic BMI calculation-Progress Graphs and Statistics-Progress Pic Gallery: Import or use the camera to take progress photosThemes Bundle:-Change things up with different app theme colors-Includes 6 dark color themes and 6 light color themesWorkout with WORKIT today

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WORKIT - Workout Tracker alternatives