Choice of the Pirate!

Plunder ghost ships for cursed treasure Battle the Crown Navy, sea monsters, and other bloodthirsty pirates on a quest to rival the Pirate King himself Choice of the Pirate is a fast-paced swashbuckler of an interactive novel by Alana Joli Abbott, author of Choice of Kung Fu and Showdown at Willow Creek. Your choices control the story. Play as male, female, or nonbinary; gay, straight, bi, poly, or asexual.

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Lords of Aswick

In this interactive novel, follow the life of a nobleman from childhood to death. Become swept up in the affairs of a medieval realm. Even defeat may not be the end, find a new life fighting for God

  • rating 4.375
  • size 60.5 MB
Lords of Aswick alternatives

The Lost Heir 2: Forging a Kingdom

Unite the kingdom to take back your capital city Youll need dragons, elves, and perhaps even demons to avenge your parents murder in this fantasy epic In The Lost Heir 2, youll continue as the prince or princess of Daria displaced from your palace after the murder of your parents. Face betrayal, seek romance, battle enemies in war, and navigate the intrigues of court. March into heated battle and lead your army to victory Fly a dragon, raise an undead army, discover alchemy, summon new demons and more

  • rating 4.94118
  • size 64.0 MB
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The Lost Heir: The Fall of Daria

Take back the throne that was rightfully yours When demon-summoning usurpers assassinate the king and queen, the right of rulership falls to you, their only child. Develop your own unique prince or princess, discovering a world of fantasy, magic, mystery, and adventure.The Lost Heir: The Fall of Daria is an epic 145,000-word interactive fantasy novel by Mike Walterthe first of a trilogywhere your choices control the story. Uncover and collect legendary magical items and treasure.

  • rating 4.84891
  • size 47.5 MB
The Lost Heir: The Fall of Daria alternatives

Community College Hero: Trial by Fire

Outwit your professors at superpower school Ace your exams, date your classmates, and bring down the nations most wanted villains to earn your degree.Community College Hero: Trial by Fire is a thrilling 168,000-word interactive novel by Eric Moser, where your choices control the story. Step into your new super identity, and claim your place as a Community College Hero Learn to become a costumed crime fighter at the nations newest hero-training school in this 176,000-word comic book-inspired adventure Strive to stop a mysterious new villain causing chaos in your city Fully customize your character Will you be a wisecracking acrobat? Play as gay, straight, bisexual or asexual.

  • rating 4.69231
  • size 57.1 MB
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Samurai of Hyuga Book 2

Samurai of Hyuga Book 2 is the blood-pumping sequel to the interactive tale you already know. Return to the land of silk and steel, where fantasy and reality clash and tough choices await you at every turn. What happens when you cant tell the difference anymore?That and so much more await you in the second book of this epic series Reclaim your role as a badass ronin, a master manslayer, and reluctant bodyguard for hire Find romance or let it find you, tainted and twisted as it may be Poetry and board games, dates and kabukitry not to forget yourself in this unforgettable adventure Over 215,000 words of interactive fiction

  • rating 4.70455
  • size 73.3 MB
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First Year Demons

For generations, your family has kept China safe from chaos demons. Now you must uphold that duty while youre at universityjust dont tell your roommates First Year Demons is an interactive fantasy novel by Rebecca Slitt, author of Psy High. Battle chaos demons Play as male or female, gay, straight or bi Hit the books, or go out and party Stay close to your family or turn against them and be cast out Specialize in swords, magic, or potions

  • rating 2.0
  • size 68.4 MB
  • version 1.0.0
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