Chickadee Sounds!

Check out cool, real-life chickadee sounds today Learn to identify chickadee sounds so you will know when these cute little birds are nearby Little round chickadees are common backyard birds, communicating with melodic songs and calls. The most commonly heard bird call of the chickadee, used by both genders to communicate about location, food or predators, is its namesake call which sounds like chick-a-dee. Close your eyes and listen to the beautiful chickadee calls for a moment of relaxation

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EyeLoveBirds: Bird ID & Calls

The Sibley eGuide to Birds

Birder - Log birds you see birding & birdwatching

Your perfect birding & birdwatching companion is here. Find birds spotted nearby, wherever you are in the world Enter sightings, and share them with the community (with photos and field notes) Set your backyard location and track birds you see at home Identify birds with descriptions, maps, pictures and songs Collect awards and build your birder reputation with quizzesMOREThe app uses your location (GPS) to show your birds spotted nearby. If you love our app, please rate it on the App Store and share it with other birders

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iKnow Birds 2 PRO - The Field Guide to the Birds of North America

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Blue Jay Sounds

Listen to amazing blue jay sounds from nature Blue jays are incredible vocalists, making a wide variety of calls and songs These beautiful blue and white birds are commonly spotted in backyards and forest areas. Learn to identify when a blue jay is near by their unique sounds The most common blue jay call is a loud vocalization that sounds like a jeer or jaay. Be sure to look where oak trees grow, as these are a favorite of the jays Both casual and serious birdwatchers will love hearing the sweet songs and calls of the jay Kids will love hearing cool blue jay sounds too Learn and enjoy melodic bird songs today

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Bird Noises

Bird Noises is the perfect app for bird lovers and watchers alike With a vast collection of real bird sounds Bird Noises is the ultimate app for bird enthusiasts Take all of your favorite birds wherever you go in the palm of your hand with this all new, free app Bird Noises is the perfect app for getting bird sounds free. This app has all different kinds of bird sounds including night bird sounds, birds chirping sound, wild bird sounds, cardinal bird sounds, nocturnal bird sounds, birds of prey sounds, song bird sounds, owl sounds, duck sounds, birds singing, eagle sounds, warbler sounds, turkey sounds, woodpecker sounds, crow sounds, robin bird, cardinal bird, bluebirds, seagull sounds, black bird sounds, mocking bird sound, blue jay bird sounds, and many other birds and bird calls This app is great for bird identification with real bird sounds and the corresponding bird name for each bird call This app is all about birds and the wonderful sounds they make and we want to share it with you. If you are looking for an app that also serves as a bird identifier, then look no further than Bird Noises Bird Noises contains a variety of birds of North America that can be found right in your backyard Now you can take your favorite bird calls wherever you go with Bird Noises With 45 real bird calls now you can have all of your favorite birds in the palm of your hand anytime, anywhere Bird Noises is great for teaching novice bird lovers new bird calls and letting them learn all about birds right in their backyard

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Robin Sounds

Listen to real life robin sounds that will help you identify these colorful birds on birdwatching expeditions or even in your own backyard Robins are one of the most common birds in North America If you have a bird feeder its likely youve seen this beautiful red-breasted bird. Robins usually have black or brown heads and backs, but boast a bright red to orange chest that makes them easy to spot Male and female robins look similar, though the males tend to be more brightly colored than their female counterparts. Robins also use various other calls to communicate, from soft cucks to alarmed peeps Robins even make a vocalization that sounds like laughter Hear various robin songs and calls that will help you identify these birds by sound Listen carefully and you might just hear a robin on your next walk through your neighborhood

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ChirpOMatic USA, Automatic Bird Song Recognition

ChirpOMatic is the most advanced way to identify bird sounds - simply record a bird singing and ChirpOMatic will use the latest technology to identify it. Already successfully tried and tested in Europe, this first version of ChirpOMatic USA has an emphasis on backyard birds plus a selection of common birds from other habitats. If you test on recorded sounds, you need to play the sounds at a realistic volume and only test on birds that might be found at your location at this time of year.

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Cockatiel Sounds

Hear genuine cockatiel whistles and songs today Cockatiels are one of the most common pet birds in the world These beautiful birds are characterized by a unique yellow crest of feathers sticking up on the top of their heads. Sometimes thought of as small parrots or cockatoos, cockatiels typically get along well with humans, making them the perfect companion bird to keep at home Cockatiels are talkative birds, commonly chirping and whistling to communicate with their human owners or other birds. Cockatiels also make many other calls and whistles, especially since like their parrot cousins, cockatiels mimic whistles that they hear in their environment Play these real-life cockatiel sounds for your pet cockatiel at home

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