Flux is an advanced HTML5 Web design application, capable of creating stunning sites from scratch. Flux isn't a template based solution, it's a cre...

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Flux alternatives

Adobe Dreamweaver

Tool for building websites and applications. Adobe Dreamweaver software is intended for web designers, web developers, and visual designers.

tags: code-editor drag-and-drop file-transfer-protocol html html-editor
platform: Mac OS X Windows

Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio is a complete web development environment that combines powerful authoring tools with a collection of online hosting and collaboratio...

tags: Discontinued application-builder css ftp-support php
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Discontinued


TextMate brings Apples approach to operating systems into the world of text editors. By bridging UNIX underpinnings and GUI, TextMate cherry-picks ...

tags: clipboard-history code-editor code-folding code-snippet-manager extensible
platform: Mac OS X


Coda is a fast, clean, and powerful text editor with pixel-perfect preview and a built-in way to open and manage your local and remote files. And a...

tags: built-in-file-manager code-editor code-folding css-editor file-transfer-protocol
platform: Mac OS X iPhone iPad

Pinegrow Web Editor

Pinegrow is a desktop app that lets you build responsive websites faster with live multi-page editing, CSS styling and smart components for Bootstr...

tags: bootstrap html-editor html5-editor rdbms reusable-content-blocks
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Atom

Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer is a a program from Google for creating interactive HTML5 ads and other HTML5 content for any device.

tags: 3d-animation css3 html5-ads html5-editor responsive-design
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux


Espresso is a powerful text editor for web developers, from the creators of CSSEdit . Elegant syntax highlighting, superior navigation, code foldin...

tags: code-completion code-folding code-snippets css-editor live-css-editing
platform: Mac OS X


Easy Web Authoring!

tags: Discontinued Portable css file-transfer-protocol html
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux PortableApps.com Discontinued


slap is a Sublime-like terminal-based text editor that strives to make editing from the terminal easier. It has:

tags: Portable code-editor command-line-interface development html-editor
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Node.JS

Microsoft Expression Web

Microsoft Expression Web, part of Microsoft's Expression Studio, is an HTML editor and general web design software. Expression Web can design and d...

tags: Discontinued file-transfer-protocol html-editor net-framework sftp
platform: Windows .NET Framework Discontinued

Website X5

WebSite X5 is an all-in-one solution packed with tools to create and publish professional websites, online shops and blogs in just 5 easy steps. We...

tags: html5-editor seo-optimization sites-with-a-built-in-app web-design web-development
platform: Windows

Zend Studio

Zend Studio for Eclipse combines proven capabilities to create the world’s most powerful IDE for Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). Studio's powerf...

tags: css design file-transfer-protocol html php
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux


CSSEdit is a visual cascading style sheet editor built-in Espresso , with CSS3 support for multi-browser gradients, shadows and more.

tags: css css-editor ftp-support stylesheet syntax-highlighting
platform: Mac OS X Espresso


Blocs 2.0 for Mac is a fast, easy to use and powerful visual web design tool that lets you create beautiful and modern websites without the need to...

tags: design web-design
platform: Mac OS X


A text editor for GNOME that combines simplicity with power.

tags: full-screen-text-editor gnome gtk python syntax-highlighting
platform: Linux