Updown Test!

Updowntest.com Speed Test - check your Internet speed and quality. What's your speed?

Download test tells you how fast you can get data from the Internet. The result is shown in Mbps (megabits per second.

Go to http://updowntest.com/

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Speedtest.net is a broadband speed analysis tool that allows anyone to discover the real speed of their Internet connection. Test your download spe...

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platform: Mac OS X Windows Online Android iPhone Windows RT Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Kindle Fire


Powered by Netflix, Fast.com estimates your current download speed. You will generally be able to get this speed from leading internet services, wh...

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platform: Online


Testmy.net is an internet connection benchmark tool, offering both Download and Upload connection speed tests. With SmarTest Testmy.net will automa...

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platform: Online


SpeedOf.Me is an HTML5 Internet speed test. No Flash or Java needed! It is the smartest and most accurate online bandwidth test. It works well on i...

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platform: Online


More than a simple speed test, nPerf brings you the best and the fullest mobile connection quality measurement tool up to 1 Gb/s speeds!

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platform: Online Android iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Apple Watch

Network Speed Test

Network Speed Test can provide you detailed information about the upload and download speeds of your internet connections. The App also maintains a...

tags: internet-speed-test download-tester upload-speed
platform: Windows Windows RT Windows Phone


Broadband Internet Speed Test Unlocked! Test your internet connection from Any device Run a free bandwidth test now Know your Download & Upload spe...

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platform: Online


Test your maximum upload speed and download speed from several geographically distributed locations. Java, Flash and iPhone speed test (100% browse...

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platform: Online Windows Mobile Android iPhone Java Mobile Symbian S60 HP webOS Blackberry


Made by OpenSignal , Meteor offers a speed test experience like no other, through a gorgeous interface that provides stats surrounding popular apps...

tags: internet-speed-test
platform: Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad


A command line interface for testing internet bandwidth using Speedtest.net

tags: command-line-interface internet-speed-test traffic-monitoring
platform: Linux


Updowntest.com Speed Test - check your Internet speed and quality. What's your speed?

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platform: Online

Bandwidth Place

Test your internet speed with this simple tool. One button, one set of results.

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platform: Online


Rotten WiFi is public wifi and 3G Watchdog. We help to find the best public wifi places & avoid rotten one. Use Android, iOS or Web apps. We measur...

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platform: Mac OS X Windows Android iPhone iPad

Speed Test

Adsl Speed Test your broadband and adsl connection and find out how fast you are in just a few seconds. Run your speed test here:http://www.adslspe...

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platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Windows Mobile Android iPhone Blackberry Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad

Network Master - Speed Test

With Network Master you can check WiFi security, test network speed, detect intruders on LAN, optimize internet bandwidth, monitor data usage and s...

tags: internet-speed-test
platform: Android