URL Monitor!

Have you ever wanted to be able to keep URL found on the net or a document out of your bookmark/favourite folder? You could use a notepad, and past...

Windows system only and from all version of windows vista to windows 10. The software has been tested under Windows 7 Home, Windows 8.1 64Bits version only. The software should work under Windows XP but I can certify it. If you test this software under another version of windows, please let me know if it works. Thank you. Windows is a registration trademark of Microsoft. There is a 32 bits version and 64 bits version available for download. **_**_ Other Requirement:_**_** An Internet connection for full potential. **_ Installation:_** There is no installer provided, it is a portable application. The download is a zip file and all you need to do is to unzip the contents of it into the folder of your choice. **_The files into this archive are:_** 1. URLMonitar.exe which is the so

Go to http://www.geocities.ws/tactictoe/URL_Monitor.html

URL Monitor alternatives


Drag & drop anything anywhere. Collect images, texts, links or videos to your private folders or post directly to Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter & (soon...

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Memoryzer exists because bookmarks are not enough!

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Kana Clip

Kana Clip is a Windows program which monitors text copied into clipboard. The copied text is saved into memory so it can be accessed later through ...

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