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RobotStudio alternatives


CATIA (Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application) (in English usually pronounced /k?'ti?/) is a multi-platform CAD/CAM/CAE commercia...

tags: cad cae car design photorealistic
platform: Windows


CODESYS - the IEC 61131-3 programming system.

tags: 61131-3 automation iec motion plc
platform: Windows

See Electrical

Shaping the Future of the Electrical PLM, CAD and Simulation

tags: cad cae industrial
platform: Windows

EPLAN Electric P8

CAE software solution for project planning, documentation and administration of electrotechnical automation projects.

tags: cae design electrical-engineering
platform: Windows

LOGO! Soft Comfort

LOGO! Soft Comfort is software for programming simple Siemens LOGO! PLCs. Programming is done in one of two graphical programming languages - FBD (...

tags: automation plc
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux

TIA Portal

TIA Portal is the key to unlocking the full potential of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA). The pioneering engineering framework optimizes all pl...

tags: automation plc programming
platform: Windows


DOC is a software dedicated to the design and calculation of single-line diagrams of electrical systems in low and medium voltage, allowing the use...

tags: engineering electric
platform: Windows

SolidWorks Electrical

SOLIDWORKS Electrical schematic design capabilities simplify development of embedded electrical systems for machines and other applications, with s...

tags: cae design electrical-engineering
platform: Windows

AutoCAD Electrical

AutoCAD Electrical design software is electrical engineering software for electrical CAD. It includes all AutoCAD functionality, plus electrical CA...

tags: cae electrical-engineering
platform: Windows iPhone


AUTOMGEN is the reference for universal automation softwares. Created 25 years ago, the software has evolved to take advantage of the latest availa...

tags: automation automation-software electrical plc pneumatic
platform: Windows


Accelerate Your Electrical Design Process and Increase your productivity by up to 65% with E3 Series software.Create, Document & Detail All of Your...

tags: diagram diagrams electrical-engineering engineering engineering-design
platform: Windows


ETAP is the most comprehensive enterprise solution for design, simulation, operation, control, optimization, and automation of generation, transmis...

tags: power-management electric electrical-energy-systems industrial
platform: Windows iPhone

Virtual Universe Pro

VIRTUAL UNIVERSE PRO is an innovative software for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10, enabling to create and simulate virtual machines in a 3D environ...

tags: automated-testing automation automation-projects automation-software automation-tool
platform: Windows