Polymer is a library that uses the latest web technologies to let you create custom HTML elements. Build anything from a button to a complete appli...

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Polymer alternatives


HTML is great for declaring static documents, but it falters when we try to use it for declaring dynamic views in web-applications. AngularJS lets ...

tags: built-in-routing developer-tools dynamic-html framework javascript
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online


Vue.js - Intuitive, Fast and Composable MVVM for building interactive interfaces.

tags: extensible frontend javascript-library mvvm
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online


Meteor is a set of new technologies for building top-quality web apps in a fraction of the time. It is built around Smart Packages: little bundles ...

tags: javascript web-applications web-development
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux


A JavaScript library for building user interfaces by Facebook.

tags: developer-tools javascript-development javascript-library modular-system ui-framework
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online


You can write less code with Ember's Handlebars integrated templates that update automatically when the underlying data changes.

tags: javascript javascript-library mvc-pattern
platform: Online JavaScript


Materialize is a modern responsive CSS framework based on Material Design by Google

tags: css-framework design-framework framework material-design mobile-framework
platform: Online


Build incredible real-time applications in record time. Feathers is a real-time, micro-service web framework for NodeJS that gives you control over...

tags: framework javascript javascript-development node.js web-applications
platform: Self-Hosted Node.JS


Expressive middleware for node.js using generators via co to make web applications and APIs more enjoyable to write. Koa's middleware flow in a sta...

tags: asynchronous developer-tools framework javascript javascript-development
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux


Knockout is a JavaScript library that helps you to create rich, responsive display and editor user interfaces with a clean underlying data model. A...

tags: developer-tools framework javascript javascript-library mvc
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux

Angular Material

The Angular Material project is an implementation of Material Design in Angular.js. This project provides a set of reusable, well-tested, and acces...

tags: angular css-framework design-framework framework material-design
platform: Online


MVC framework making it easy to write realtime, collaborative applications that run in both Node.js and browsers.

tags: coffeescript developer-tools framework javascript javascript-library
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux


Sails.js make it easy to build custom, enterprise-grade Node.js apps. It is designed to mimic the MVC pattern of frameworks like Ruby on Rails, but...

tags: coffeescript developer-tools framework javascript-development javascript-library
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux


Forward-thinkingWritten with ES2016. Integrates with Web Components. No external dependencies except polyfills. Leverage the technology of the futu...

tags: application-framework javascript-framework web-development
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online


Backbone supplies structure to JavaScript-heavy applications by providing models with key-value binding and custom events, collections with a rich ...

tags: framework javascript javascript-library mvc
platform: Online


Zepto is a minimalist JavaScript library for modern browsers with a largely jQuery-compatible API.

tags: javascript-library library programming-language programming-language-library programming-lib
platform: Online