Notepad Calculator!

For jotting down quick calculations. Type free-form text and see the results of any calculations appear in the margin.

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Notepad Calculator alternatives


Maths on a Mac as it should be. Soulver is a new kind of calculator application which uses a simple yet powerful word-processor style interface ins...

tags: calculator mathematics natural-language-processing
platform: Mac OS X


OpalCalc is a brand new type of calculator for the PC. As easy to use as Notepad or a word processor, OpalCalc allows natural language in the sum a...

tags: Portable calculator currency english-only mathematics
platform: Windows


Interactive tables, sliders, plots and more. Scientific computing in the browser.

tags: mathematics math-plotting coder-notebook lab-notebook statistical-analys
platform: Online

Swift Calcs

Swift Calcs enables users to effortlessly create and collaborate on interactive computational documents, from any device. Swift Calcs is bringing m...

tags: algebra engineering engineering-analysis engineering-design engineering-optimization
platform: Online

Online Terminal Calculator

Most of the calculators available online/computers are trying to reproduce the physical calculator or you have to use spreadsheet for faster calcul...

tags: calculator mathematics productivity-tool scientific-calculator terminal-client
platform: Online


An online calculator that allows the free form mixing of numbers and words, and saves calculations automatically.

tags: calculator mathematics online-collaboration share-results
platform: Online


Wakari provides web-based Python data analysis via embedded iPython notebooks.

tags: mathematics statistical-analysis math-plotting ipython coder-notebook
platform: Online