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Nlyte Software was formed in 2004 by data center managers driven to find a better way to manage the complexity of data center resources, assets and...

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Nlyte Software alternatives


Ansible is a radically simple IT automation engine that automates cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, intra-servi...

tags: automation aws configuration configuration-management ec2
platform: Windows Linux BSD Python


DCImanager facilitates the deployment and management of your dedicated servers and data center infrastructure, reduces setup and operational costs,...

tags: bare-metal baremetal data-center-automation datacenter datacenter-management
platform: Linux


Puppet Data Center Automation Solution helps you save time, gain visibility into your server environment, and ensure consistency across your IT inf...

tags: task-management automation ruby data-center-automation it-infrastructure
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online


Racktables is a nifty and robust solution for datacenter and server room asset management. It helps document hardware assets, network addresses, sp...

tags: datacenter-management datacenter
platform: Linux BSD Self-Hosted


Cobbler is a Linux installation server that allows for rapid setup of network installation environments. It glues together and automates many assoc...

tags: auto-installer deployment dhcp dns mirror
platform: Linux


SAM-Solution is a management tool for IT-infrastructures, intended for companies. It allows to centralize system and software migrations, as well a...

tags: management-software management-tools
platform: Windows Linux Self-Hosted


Ubersmith is:

tags: helpdesk billing asset-management asset-tracking billing-software
platform: Linux Self-Hosted


HostBill is fast and efficient client management, support and billing web based software for hosting and online companies. HostBill can make your l...

tags: automation invoicing billing system-administration domains
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online


DCIM, Data Center Infrastructure Management, is a software that gives data center operators the ability to run efficient data center operations.

tags: data-center-automation
platform: Online


a free, web based Data Center Infrastructure Management application.

tags: management-tools datacenter dcim infrastructure
platform: Linux


Comprehensive Auto-Discovering Data Center Inventory and Asset Management Software (DCIM/CMDB) featuring a Power Monitoring & Control Module, Envir...

tags: asset-management asset-tracking autodiscovery certificate-management certificates
platform: Windows Linux Online VMware Player


RackMonkey is a tool for managing racks of equipment such as servers and switches. You can keep track of what's where, which OS it runs, who it bel...

tags: Discontinued development systems-administration
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Discontinued

Sentry Power Manager

Easy Configuration

tags: power-management api-integration data-center-monitoring data-center-power capacity-planning
platform: Windows Linux VMware Server VMware Player


EasyDCIM enables data centers to control and track previous disparate or completely lacking systems as well as open that control to their own custo...

tags: data-center-automation datacenter-management dcim data-center-monitoring
platform: Linux

AggreGate Data Center Supervisor

The system joins industrial, network and security management modules in one solid core, facilitating deployment and lowering data center OPEX.Being...

tags: database-management data-management data-center-automation datacenter-management database-software
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux