New Relic!

Pinpoint and solve performance issues in your Ruby, Java, .NET, PHP and Python apps with real user, application and server monitoring.

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New Relic alternatives


Rollbar collects errors that happen in your application, notifies you, and analyzes them so you can debug and fix them. JavaScript, Ruby, Python, P...

tags: crash-reporting error-reporting error-tracking real-time-monitoring web-log-analyzer
platform: Online Android Ruby Python .NET Framework JavaScript PHP Ruby on Rails Node.JS


Datadog is a monitoring service for IT, Dev & Ops teams who write and run applications at scale, and want to turn the massive amounts of data produ...

tags: apm aws aws-monitoring chef-monitoring cloud-computing
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online is an Operations Data Platform for Log and Machine events. We help companies improve their software and business performance by leverag...

tags: analytics data-analysis error-tracking log-collector log-file-management
platform: Online


## Stop hoping your users will report errorsSentry’s real-time error tracking gives you insight into production deployments and information to repr...

tags: crash-reporting developer-tools error-detection error-logging error-reporting
platform: Online Self-Hosted


Comprehensive website and web application monitoring:* simulate a real browser (Firefox) to check performance* services monitoring (FTP(S), DNS, PI...

tags: server-monitoring uptime-monitoring website-monitoring
platform: Online


Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit originally built at SoundCloud. Since its inception in 2012, many companies an...

tags: analytics graphing hardware-monitoring metrics monitoring
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux


NetCrunch 9 is an all-in-one and agentless network monitoring and management system, capable of monitoring every device in your network. Monitor ba...

tags: Portable alerts application-monitoring event-log-monitor filesystem-monitoring
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Self-Hosted


Grafana provides a powerful and elegant way to create, explore, and share dashboards and data with your team and the world.

tags: analytics data-analysis data-visualization web-analytics dashboard
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD Self-Hosted Node.JS


Publisher notes:

tags: alerts cloud-based cloud-monitoring monitoring server-monitoring
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online

Dynatrace Ruxit

Dynatrace Ruxit provides all-in-one monitoring and operations management for DevOps teams working in startups, mid-sized companies, and large organ...

tags: apm application-monitoring cloud-monitoring dotnet-monitoring java-monitoring
platform: Windows Linux Online Android iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet iPad


Graphite is a highly scalable real-time graphing system. As a user, you write an application that collects numeric time-series data that you are in...

tags: graphing python time-series-analysis
platform: Mac OS X Linux Python fontconfig Django

Raygun Crash Reporting

Raygun error and crash reporting silently monitors your web and mobile applications, collecting all error and crash events that are affecting your ...

tags: crash-reporting development error-logging logging real-user-monitoring
platform: Mac OS X Online Android iPhone iPad .NET Framework JavaScript PHP Ruby on Rails ASP.NET MVC


RorVsWild is an all-in-one monitoring tool for Ruby on Rails applications.RorVsWild provides Rails developers with performances and errors insights...

tags: all-in-one application-monitoring developer-tools error-monitoring error-tracking
platform: Online


Instana is Dynamic APM for Microservice Management. Specifically built for agile devops teams, we monitor and correlate every aspect of your applic...

tags: apm distributed-tracing end-user-monitoring infrastructure-monitoring low-memory-usage
platform: Online Self-Hosted


Monitis is a Cloud monitoring and IT analytics service offering Website Monitoring, Server Monitoring, Network Monitoring, Application Monitoring, ...

tags: application-monitoring cloud-monitoring load-testing network-monitoring performance-testing
platform: Online